a stitch in our time
‘a stitch in our time’ is a circular sewing project committed to the practices of deep listening, authentic sharing and intuitive expression. Over time and space we meet in an expanded circle to share stories of our uncertain futures, and transform those stories from words to stitches in fabric. This is a practice of listening to each other and giving space to the ones who come before and after us. This project is open to anyone who can sew (or wants to learn) living in the Netherlands.

The project is inspired by Lectio Divina (Latin for "Divine Reading”), a traditional monastic practice which consists of four separate steps: reading, meditation, prayer, contemplation. These steps allow for a deeper contemplation of the written word, giving space for it to be fully integrated. In this project, we invite you to write, read, listen and sew. We are especially interested in the interconnection of listening and sewing; how the rhythms of sewing can help us to assimilate stories, and how stories can be transferred from words to stitches.

We live in an age when we are bombarded by information, with increasingly less space left to digest, contemplate or connect with one another. When we live at a distance, separated by fear and abstraction, sharing stories with strangers becomes a radical act of honesty, compassion and connection in a time that threatens to deprive us of all those qualities. Our individualistic society attempts to deny the reality of human interdependence. Let’s reclaim our interdependency through empathy, care and compassion!

How does it work?

You will receive a package in the mail containing all the materials you need: fabric, embroidery thread, a needle and an embroidery hoop. The practice consists of writing, reading, listening and sewing. We ask that you send off your package within 1 week from the date you receive it, this allows us to keep the circle flowing. The cost of postage will be €7.25; we ask that you see this as your contribution to the project. We currently have no funding but are providing the materials used in the project. The price will be the same for everyone, no matter if you are the first participant or last. This package will travel from one person to the next, connecting us in a circle which transcends space and time. In this way our stories are shared, from words to hands to fabric. Over time a multitude of stories will become alchemised into this fabric, holding the quality of deep listening, authentic sharing, and intuitive expression.
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