2018 Chamber Volunteer of the Year
The Chamber Volunteer of the Year Award is intended to recognize the leadership and service of an individual who is active within the Chamber through the business in which they are employed or through individual membership status. The award will be given to an owner or an employee of a member business whose service and dedication have made a significant contribution to the Chamber and the community.

The nominee should:
Show community service, community goodwill, business expertise which is above and beyond the individual's job description.
Demonstrate leadership, initiative, creativity and success.
Be an example of service which enhances the welfare of the overall population and not to be focused in a single event or activity.

*Nominations require a description (story in detail) of what makes this nominee worthy of being selected for this award and include activities, situations, events, volunteerism, actions and a summary of their achievements. Please be sure to clearly explain why your nominee is deserving.

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Describe in detail why this person deserves to be selected as the 2018 Volunteer of the Year. Judges will only have the information you provide to determine their choice. This section is required for all submissions and names will not move forward without a summary, story and or explanation of what makes this person worthy of this award.
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