I Demand Expanded Access to Lactation Facilities and Equity in Child Care Services at UCLA
1) As a proud member of the UCLA community, I demand that the University administration expand access to lactation facilities for new mothers on campus.This includes the installation of a lactation station in the Charles E. Young Research Library (YRL) to serve graduate and undergraduate students, and the construction of an additional lactation station on the Hill to serve students, staff, and faculty that live nearby. Furthermore, I affirm that the University administration is in violation of its contractual obligations to provide access to lactation stations for Academic Student Employees (TAs, Tutors, and Readers), causing an undue burden on student workers with children.

2) I demand that the UCLA administration ensure equity in its child care policy. This includes: providing equal access to child care services; ensuring that staff are trained about leave policies and child care reimbursements for student workers; adequately maintaining child care facilities operated by the University; and ending discriminatory practices in preschool admissions.

Sponsored by UCLA Mothers of Color in Academia and UAW 2865.

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