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Registration form. Education Intensive: EARLY BIRD: $350.00 / 43.75 WEEKLY AFTER MARCH 23: $400.00 / 50.00 WEEKLY Minecraft/Roblox: $60.00 WEEKLY

$20 non-refundable registration fee to hold your spot (education intensives only)

This is a 4-day-a-week, 8-week educational intensive course in reading and/or math. By selecting our course, you are agreeing to pay for eight weeks and have your child attend all sessions. Attendance directly impacts academic progress and overall student results. You will be billed for the entire 8 weeks; however, we offer a payment plan for your convenience. *Our Minecraft and Roblox camps are charged weekly and have no commitment.
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I have read and understand the following: SUPERVISION All teachers are background checked and go through extensive training and professional development. They are all currently or recently certified and experienced teachers. TRANSPORTATION: Transportation for Victory Kids Sports campers is included at no additional cost. INTENSIVE: In this fun 8-week program, your child’s love of learning and confidence will grow. Instruction is combined with hands-on activities and games to make learning interesting and fun for even the most reluctant learner. Course instruction is aligned with national reading standards and draws from a wide range of materials. At the end of the program, families will receive a written summary of their child’s progress, strengths, challenges, and recommendations to share with their educational team. Our method focuses on small groups (less than 7 children in a session), individualized plans, and science-based instruction. MINECRAFT: This Summer Camp is based entirely in the world of Minecraft! Its design is to create a strong atmosphere of community and fun through immersive 3D scenarios, in which campers explore, create, and experience the benefits of self-expression in the worlds they’ve built. The camp’s communal learning setting will also help inspire creative thinking and problem-solving. ROBLOX: Campers will see a new approach to the Roblox platform and become empowered to discover the underlying mechanics of game development in a collaborative environment. They will learn how to build and model in Roblox Studio, and have the chance to create their own Roblox worlds and games that they as well as their friends can play. *
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