New Athlete Questionnaire
All information will be kept confidential. As your coach , it is necessary for me to evaluate some of your health and lifestyle history as well as your present running fitness. Please answer to the best of your ability. Thank you!
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Have you ever been fitted for running shoes? Do you track mileage on your shoes? In what brand/model type of shoes do you run? (example: Brooks, Asics, Nike) *
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Are you able to log your runs ?(this helps me track your progress and adapt your training plan if needed)?
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Please describe a typical training week over the last 4-6 weeks (include the # of miles run each day) and any strength or cross training. *
What day do you prefer your long run? *
Are there any days that you cannot run due to your schedule? *
Are there any day(s) where your time is limited and you would prefer a shorter run? What's the max distance you could run on that day(s) *
Recent or chronic running injuries: *
Describe any problem with previous training or racing:
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What current races are you signed up for? Please list name, location, distance and date
Describe your current training goals - what are you trying to accomplish and by when?
Have you ever worked with a running coach before? Please describe your experience.
What is your specific goal in hiring me as a running coach? What do you wish to accomplish with this training?
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How do you feel regarding your overall knowledge of sports nutrition and what type of help are you seeking?
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