Recreation and Open Space
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I’d like to see a yearly calendar of events for recreation (post on social media, websites, and in newsletters) and include a magnet with the calendar.
I’d like to explore options to add more community parks which may include something that we do not currently have, such as: sand volleyball court, hockey court, outdoor music pavilion, splash pad.
I’d like to see a plan to maintain and enhance existing parks throughout the township. To include but not limited to a “community clean-up day” and surveying each park to determine possible upgrades or enhancements.
I’d like to see enhanced lighting, landscaping and ADA improvements throughout the community parks.
I’d like to see utilization of sports fields across the township to ensure robust use of all facilities.
I’d like to see the recruitment of residents as volunteers for beautification of parks and development of activities.
I’d like to see a plan for more ways to provide family oriented recreation activities as well as more cultural, environmental, and historical activities.
I’d like to see longer hours for the use of the community facilities at Furey Road. Host more events at both of the community centers for both children/families and seniors. Involve youth and seniors organizations to identify programs at community centers.
I’d like to see a map of all of the parks, historical and cultural locations, possibly make it interactive to post on the social media avenues.
I’d like to see transportation options for seniors and youth to access recreation activities.
I’d like to see a walking trail.
I’d like to see a dog park.
I'd like to see open and green spaces in Upper Chichester preserved and abandoned buildings demolished to make more green space.
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