White People Learning About Racism & Empathy Request Form
We want to ensure that this group is a good match for everyone involved so that that we can have our best chance of achieving the goals we have for this specific space. We're hopeful this form will help us--and you--determine if this Facebook is the best place for you to find what you're looking for!
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We have homework. We pay money to support our teachers. We take action. We ask dumb questions. We make a lot of mistakes. Are you up for that?
We ask that you do NOT delete threads that you participated in. This is about being willing to learn and let others learn from our missteps (and they will happen!) Do you agree to that?
Thank you!
We try to review requests and send invitations about once a day. We are a small handful of volunteer admins, however, so please be patient with us if it takes more than one day! You'll get an invitation via Facebook or an email from us as soon as possible.
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