Open Public Records Act Request
Some records may be immediately available during normal business hours. Some records may require time to compile and to make the copies requested, but should normally be available during normal business hours and within seven (7) business days. If any document or copy which has been requested is not a public record or cannot be provided within the seven (7) business days, you will be provided with a response with that information within the seven (7) business days.
Some records requested have specific fees or other response times established by law, regulation, or Executive Order. There is no fee involved in simply inspecting a document during normal business hours. In general:
• Immediate access is ordinarily available for recent budgets, bills, vouchers, contracts, including collective negotiations agreements and individual employment contracts, and public employee salary and overtime information. Minutes of public meetings will be generally available immediately after the minutes have been approved.
• Records which are not readily available or which will require a search of records will be made available as soon as possible and the applicant will be provided with an interim report within seven (7) business days indicating the time that will be required to provide the records.
• Except as otherwise provided by law or regulation, the fee assessed for the duplication of a printed record shall be $.05 per letter size page or smaller, and $.07 per legal size page or larger. The Board of Education may charge more than the per page limit if the actual cost, calculated as the cost of materials and supplies, exceeds the above rates. Additionally, a special service fee may be added for irregular size copies or requests that require an extraordinary amount of time or effort to accommodate the request. In such cases, the actual direct cost of providing the copies will be

Where a request is for a copy in a format other than a photocopy, reasonable efforts will be made to provide the information in the format requested. The cost will be based on the costs of producing the format requested.

The term “public records” generally includes those records determined to be public in accordance with N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1. The term does not include employee personnel files or other matters in which there is a right of privacy or confidentiality or which is specifically exempted by law.

A person who is denied access to a government record by the custodian of the records, at the option of the requestor, may: 1) institute a proceeding to challenge the custodian’s decision by filing an action in Superior Court which shall be heard in the vicinage where it is filed or 2) in lieu of filing an action in Superior Court, file a complaint with the Government Records Council established in the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. The right to institute any proceeding under this section shall be solely that of the requestor.

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