iRaas (Independence Raas) Team Member Interest Form:
Are you looking to join an independent Raas team? Whether you are at a school that doesn't have a Raas team, you were/are on a team and are looking for something new, or if you're an ~alum looking to compete again, this is the place for you! We are here with open arms!

iRaas is the nation's first competitive independent raas team! During our first inaugural season from 2015-2016, we performed as an exhibition act at Laasya 2017 at Penn State University, and at The South Asian Talent Showcase: Dil Se 2017 at John Hopkins University. This past 2017-2018 season, we broke through a new door at our first competition ever as a team at Dola Re Dandiya, located at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!

We are looking forward to expanding our horizons this year and we would love for you to come show us your skill-sets that can enhance our team as a dynamic troupe of performers and beyond! Declare your raas indepen*dance* with iRaas!
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With being on an independent Raas team comes a handful of responsibilities. We work together as a team, though that requires a commitment to the team so that we can build towards a productive season. Do you agree to abide by the reasonable expectations and commitments of being part of this team? *
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