CRAB and MIT Sea Grant Chart Project Survey
This spring, the National Sea Grant Program will be evaluating the projects and accomplishments of the MIT Sea Grant College Program over the past four years. A critical part of the review is testimony from partners on the positive impact of Sea Grant projects, including the CRAB and MIT Sea Grant Chart Project.

In preparation for this site review, I would like to solicit feedback from the Charles River community about the impact of the Chart Project. This feedback should include responses from people that lead and manage boathouses and programs as well as individual users of the river. Please distribute the link to this survey to members of the river community.

The depth chart is available to the public at no cost in a variety of formats:
GIS On-line Map :
Google Map :
Google Earth KMZ file :
Chart Booklet :
Wall Chart :"

While our field work has been completed for the current version of the depth chart, we are actively exploring how the river has changed over time. To that end, we have developed an archive of documents, reports, maps, and charts to provide a historical perspective on how the Charles River, Boston Harbor, and Boston, in general, has changed since 1630. This archive can be found in the sidebar at

Carl Zimba
Project Coordinator
CRAB and MIT Sea Grant Chart Project

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