Gen Con First Exposure Playtest Online - Application 2020
The First Exposure Playtest Online (FEPO) is a dedicated program at Gen Con Online designed to showcase games that are still in development and not yet available for purchase. Instead of players buying tickets and paying to play (like most events at the Convention), the publisher or designer pays a fee to reserve a block of time and attendees can play for free throughout Gen Con. It’s the perfect opportunity to test a game and get feedback from players.

The First Exposure Playtest Online is managed and presented by Double Exposure, Inc., which runs a number of gaming industry events and conventions of its own.

Note that applications are processed manually in batches, and it may take up to 5 business days before your application is processed.

Anyone interested in purchasing playtest sessions for their unpublished game must agree to both the FEPO rules and the general convention requirements outlined in the Event Host Policy. An invoice will be sent to the contact when this application has been reviewed and approved, which is due upon receipt. Once your invoice is paid, Double Exposure, Inc. will contact you regarding specifics. If you have further questions about the FEPO, please email
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