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In the Plank Training Club, 💪❤️🙂Your Planks Matter 🙂♥️💪.

Congrats, Daily Plankers!

🌟 Collectively, we accumulated over 1,000,000 seconds of planking within 12 weeks. 🌟

Therefore, our next goal is 2,000,000 seconds. As of the 2/2 reporting, we are approximately 58.5 hours short of the mark.

❓❓❓🤔❓❓❓ Therefore, think of who you can invite that would appreciate this beautiful planking environment we have created here in the PTC.

Every single one of your forearm planks counts toward that total, only if you submit them.
Thank you for submitting your numbers below.

Daily Planker Consistency Badge
Which level of Consistency did you achieve this past week in your plank training? 2/10 - 2/16
Which level of Consistency are you going to achieve THIS WEEK in your plank training? 2/17 - 2/23
TEAM Plankers
Which team did you represent last week?
How many accumulated minutes DID you do last week 2/10-2/16 in your forearm plank pose? (modifications are only allowed for beginners who are unable to hold a full forearm plank hold)
Your answer
How many accumulated minutes WILL you do this week 2/17-2/23 in your forearm plank pose? COMMIT here.
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Are you on track this month for Planking Daily in February? All you have to do is plank 10 seconds or more every single day from 2/3-3/1.
What is your planking strategy this week?
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I'd love more teaching on ___________.
Your answer
I've created a class to go deeper into plank training. We can progress so much faster in a smaller group training with strategic focused effort. You have this week to decide if you want to join us for the training that begins on 2/24.
What is your first name? *
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What is your last name? *
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What is your email address? (Completely Optional in case we have not connected by email yet)
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Anything else you want me to know?
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💕 Your Future Self is Already Thanking You! 💕
Thank you for submitting your weekly numbers.
Your thoughtful answers are much appreciated as well!
Many blessings to you.
If you left your contact information, I will be in touch soon.
Make it a GREAT day!
More Information on Reporting Weekly
For those of you tracking your planks with us, please visit our website weekly to find this form and submit your totals.
For now, the link to this form will be in the top navigation bar or on the Home Page.
Here's the direct link for future reporting
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