AORMA League Play Registration: 15th December 2019
NOTE: For this session only the first 2 games will count to league


Normal registration for ANY of the games closes 90 minutes before Game 1.
You may still register for games after this time but you will be seated on a best effort basis only. (Please contact admin/organiser on discord if you're not sure about your registration status)

Please make sure you have already filled out the Member Registration form previously:

"Can play if needed" means you will be a sub. We will only look for you if we are short on players to make a table of 4. If there are 4 extra players who are sub most likely we will NOT create an extra table for you. You must also be contactable on Discord.

If you would like to make changes to your registration, FILL THIS FORM AGAIN. Don't contact any organisers personally. All organisers will only look at the form results so that we can clearly see which player come first.

NEW: You are not allowed to withdraw the games you signed up for after registration period is over. You can amend to join more games later by 15mins before the next game starts. We will slot you in if we can make a new table.

To view confirmation of your registration, please find your name under the Session Registration sheet, under the "Display" tab with your respective game registered. If there is any issue, please seek your country's coordinator for help.

Please be at the game lobby at the stipulated timing and wait patiently there. Don't have to click anything after you enter.
Game lobby:
Spectator link:

If you need to contact any of the organisers the best place to do so is on our AORMA discord channel
Discord channel:

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