Richmond Parent Survey #2
On Wednesday, July 22, 2020, Richmond's first Reopening survey was posted on our school's website. By Tuesday, July 28th, ninety one individuals responded to the survey. The purpose of the first survey was to understand general impressions you had about specific events, such as distance learning, and the new health and safety guidelines. Thank you for your participation in Survey #1.

Using your responses from Survey #1, we have created a second survey, below. This second survey uses the most frequent responses from Survey #1 and asks parents/ community to be more specific so we can understand as much as possible about the needs of your child/ family. Your answers to this second, and final Reopening Survey #2 will be provided directly to your child's teacher. Therefore, if you have more than one child, please take the survey for EACH child you have.

In the coming days, we will develop Richmond Reopening Plan based your input as well as teacher and staff input, as well as State and local guidelines health and safety requirements.

Because this is a STUDENT SPECIFIC survey, please make sure to complete ONE Survey #2 survey for EACH child you have at Richmond. Results of the survey will be sorted by teacher/ grade level and provided to each teacher as they develop grade-level specific guidelines. Unless you choose to enter your child's name on the final question, your responses will be anonymous.

Thank you for your participation and support as we work together on our Reopening Plan for 2020-2021. This survey will be open Until Sunday, August 2, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.
Please complete one survey per child. What grade level will your child enter in 2020-2021? *
In Survey #1, many parents reported wanting clear guidelines and expectations from the school about this year's policies and procedures. What is the best way to share this information with you, as we develop these processes?
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As we develop our guidelines as procedures, would you like to see a draft document and be able to comment on the draft document before school starts?
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In Survey #1, many parents mentioned that the health and safety of students and staff are important. What would you like your child's teacher to know about keeping your child safe in the classroom? Please be as specific as possible about your child's health and safety needs and what actions your teacher can take.
In Survey #1, many parents mentioned that being understanding and flexible is important as our school implements our new guidelines, and if necessary, distance learning. What specifically would be helpful for your child's teacher to know about helping him/ her through this transition back to school so that we can best support your child?
In Survey #1, several parents mentioned concerns about discipline regarding the new guidelines. How do you feel your child's teacher should address instances of your child not following the guidelines? What about other children not following the guidelines?
In Survey #1, many parents mentioned motivation as a concern during distance learning. What specific strategies would work in a distance learning model that would motivate your child? Please be as specific as possible.
In Survey #1, many parents mentioned the need for more at-home support, should we need to return to distance learning. What specific examples of additional supports would help your child and/ or family in distance learning? Please be as specific as possible.
In Survey #1, many parents had views on effective models of distance learning. If we have to return to distance learning, how could your child's distance learning be structured each day to best support your child?
In Survey #1, many parents suggested changes to the amount and type of content (school subjects), if we have to return to distance learning. What subjects do you feel your child's teacher should focus on MOST in a distance learning environment?
In Survey #1, many parents felt that social interaction is essential and were concerned about limits to children's social exposure during these challenging times. What are some examples of social interactions your teacher could include in their planning either on campus or while distance learning?(e.g. creating small study groups for students to work together virtually; Classroom trivia; Face Covering Decorating Competitions; etc.)
In Survey #1, we asked how likely it would be that your child will return to in-class instruction on August 19th. We are asking the same question again to see if any change in this response has occurred. How likely is your child to return to Richmond Elementary on August 19th
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Is there anything else you would like your child's teacher to know as they plan to welcome your child and other children into the classroom? Please feel free to use this space below to provide any additional information here.
Would you like your child's teacher to contact you? If you would like your teacher to contact you within the first two weeks of school, please provide your child's name below. Your child's name will only be disclosed to their teacher and will never be made public.
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