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Information Management and Privacy
By completing the various sections of this application form or subsequent forms send out to members as when registering for an event or meeting, you are supplying Beta Alpha Psi with information about yourself. Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) needs this information to maintain a record of your membership, communicate with you, carry out its activities, assist you if you have a disability and maintain contact with you when you have graduated. BAP must also satisfy the statistical and data requirements of as and when requested by governmental and any grant giving body and the Internal Revenue Service. Much of the information that is collected from you via all methods listed in the privacy policy is required by governmental and any grant giving bodies and the IRS and BAP is not permitted to accept your application unless the information is provided.

The information you supply is stored in the Reporting Intranet and internal and external databases listed in the Privacy Policy and is made available to the Executive Office, conference planners, the organizing committees of meetings and competitions, the alumni section when you graduate and your local chapter as required. Information will be disclosed as listed in the Privacy Policy and to governmental and any grant giving bodies and the IRS in accordance with their directives.

The names and current projects of chapters and members may be published in electronic and or printed media highlighting the projects undertaken by BAP, its chapters or its members. If you do not want these details published, you should inform the executive office and your local chapter.

BAP will use the email address you provided with this application to contact you about matters related to your membership of BAP and to inform you about services available to you while you are a member or an alumni member.

BAP may also access your records to identify students who may be eligible for employment opportunities and may pass on a subset of the records to employers.

Beta Alpha Psi or your local chapter may publicize events by printing and distributing information and or pictures of members. Printed material may include names of members and descriptions of events. Pictures may be accompanied by identification details or they may be anonymous.

Other than the exceptions above and those listed in the Privacy Policy, BAP does not disclose personal information about members except with the consent of the member concerned or where required or authorized by legislation or court or criminal proceedings.

You have the right to access and correct any personal information concerning you held by BAP in its databases. Routine corrections, changes and enquiries should be directed to your local chapter reporting secretary. Your initial application, when accepted, and any subsequent changes will be confirmed with you by email.

Welcome to Beta Alpha Psi!
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I hereby apply to become a member of the Alpha Zeta Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the rules of the chapter for the time being in force. I meet the membership criteria as set out in the Constitution. I have attached proof of eligibility to the application. Please write "I agree" below to agree to this statement. *
By entering my intiials below, I hereby affirm that all information on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that false information is grounds for expulsion. *
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