What Is the Cost of Education Doing to Your Family?
For the purposes of this survey, only costs relating to pre-K through Class 12 education are explored.
How many children do you have?
What age range(s) does your child(ren) fall in?
How far ahead do you plan for school and education-related costs (not including education beyond Class 12)?
How would you describe the level of stress you experience from saving or financially planning for your child's education?
Do you feel that your child's school fees are appropriate and fair, given the benefit your child/family receives?
Has the cost of education influenced your decision regarding the number of children you have / want to have?
Does spending or saving for education prevent you/your family from doing other things you would like to do?
If so, what is the biggest sacrifice your family has made?
Your answer
Has the cost of your children’s education been a deciding factor in any of your or your partner’s employment/career decisions (for example, switching fields, holding a job when you’d rather be at home, returning to work after the birth of a child, taking a higher-paying job you don’t like, etc)?
Please estimate the percent of you household’s annual income that is spent on educational expenses (including school fees, extracurricular tuition, etc).
Please estimate your household’s total yearly income.
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