Attendee Registration - DSE 2018 - Colorado
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For those who have attended DSE previously - please list any industry pros you have already been in listening sessions with (we will do our best to ensure you are put in sessions with new industry people)
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Would you like to submit music for the live showcase screening? If so, please provide a streaming link to 2 songs below. We screen all submissions and choose approximately 40 attendees to perform the live showcases *
Please provide link(s) to 2 songs which are reflective of your songwriting (Box, Dropbox, Soundcloud, etc.) and make sure to indicate which song you intend to perform if chosen for the showcase
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Friday 9:00 #1 (Country: Bobby Rymer)
Friday 9:00 #2 (Country: Jen Duke, Warren Sellers)
Friday 9:00 #3 (Pop/Rock: Vic Lopez)
Friday 9:00 #4 (Pop/Rock: Nick Keenan, Cliff Downs)
Friday 9:00 #5 (Pop/Rock: Nicole Dovolis)
Friday 9:00 #6 (Indie/Folk / AAA: Steve Garvan)
Friday 9:00 #7 (Industry Names - TBD)
Friday 3:15 #1 (Country: Steve Markland)
Friday 3:15 #2 (Country: Sarah Feldman, Marty Dodson)
Friday 3:15 #3 (Pop/Rock: Brian Naguit, Ciara Shortridge)
Friday 3:15 #4 (Pop/Rock: Jake Simon)
Friday 3:15 #5 (Pop/Rock: Chelsea Junker, Richard Harris)
Friday 3:15 #6 (Pop/Rock: Steve Schroeder)
Friday 3:15 #7 (Industry Names - TBD)
Saturday 12:30 #1 (Country: Mark Brown, Clay Mills)
Saturday 12:30 #2 (Country: Nicole Dovolis, Warren Sellers)
Saturday 12:30 #3 (Pop/Rock: Randi Randazzo)
Saturday 12:30 #4 (Pop/Rock: Howard and Monica Benson)
Saturday 12:30 #5 (Pop/Rock: David Katz, Adam Zelkind)
Saturday 12:30 #6 (Pop/Rock: Lyndsie Chlowitz, Jen Duke)
Saturday 12:30 #7 (Industry Names - TBD)
Saturday 4:00 #1 (Country/Pop: Ciara Shortridge)
Saturday 4:00 #2 (Country/Pop: Cliff Downs)
Saturday 4:00 #3 (Pop/Rock: Nick Haussling)
Saturday 4:00 #4 (Pop/Rock: Chuck Bein, Richard Harris)
Saturday 4:00 #5 (Pop/Rock: Jon Ernst, Chen Neeman)
Saturday 4:00 #6 (Pop/Rock: Adam Epstein)
Saturday 4:00 #7 (Industry Names - TBD)
Disclosure: Due to the nature of the music industry, sometimes plans change because of circumstances beyond our control. The listening session schedule and the industry pros are subject to change. However, if changes do occur, we always do our very best to ensure you are placed with an industry pro of the same caliber and within the same genre as initially assigned. Please indicate below that you are aware these session are subject to change. *
Thanks for registering and we will see you at the Expo!
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