Alive & Active National Conference Registration 2024
Dates: 08/01/2023 - 13/01/2024   Venue:Sufficiency of Scripture, Wobulenzi    Fee: Ugx. 60,000
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Thank you for your interest in attending the Living Word Conference. Please note that if you are NOT a student in an institution of higher education you DO NOT qualify for the conference.
Registration Deadline
Please note that the registration deadline for the conference is 30th November 2023. If we have not received your registration fee and your registration form by this date we cannot guarantee your space at the conference. We will accept no late registrations and please do not turn up at the venue without having registered.
You are free to send us only the registration fee (20,000 UGX) or the full conference fee (60,000 UGX). The registration fee has to be paid by  30th November 2023  , the remaining 40,000 conference fee can be paid upon arrival at the conference.
Transport to SOS
There will be coasters at city square in Kampala that will transport you to and from the venue. This is free. 
Things to bring along
Accommodation and delicious meals are provided, but you will need to bring your own bed sheets, towel and personal effects like TP, soap and toothpaste. Please also come with your Bible, pens and a notebook.

At the conference you will have the opportunity to buy books and T-shirts. Please come with money if you would purchase any of these.
Rules and Regulations
Please read through these rules and regulations carefully. Once you read them please tick the box on the registration form and sign.
Sufficiency Of Scripture Institute is a Christian Organisation that upholds the highest expected moral standards of the Christian faith. Because of this, rules and guidelines are set for those who are resident at the conference venue. The guidelines also serve to help SOS provide good service to all conference participants. All participants at the Living Word Conference are therefore expected to observe the following rules and guidelines while at the conference.

1. All meals shall be served at the dining hall at the designated times, any person who will not have come at the designated time will forfeit his/her meal.
2. All residents shall be allocated a room and bed to reside, participants will therefore strictly be expected to reside in the rooms allocated to them.
3. There are separate residences for male and female residents. The female residence area is out of bounds for male students and similarly the male residence area is out of bounds for female residents.
4. All participants shall be required to attend the designated programs/ activities as outlined in the conference program. If for some reason a participant is unable to attend or join in any of the designated activities/programs, such a person should seek for permission from the relevant authorities.
5. No participant shall leave the conference area without permission from the leadership of the conference.
6. Participants shall clean up their rooms each morning before departure for any designated activities.
7. Consumption of alcohol or cigarettes is forbidden.
8. All participants shall provide their own bed sheets, towels and other toiletries.
9. Lights out will be at 10:30pm out of respect for other people you are sharing the room with. Please keep the noise down after this time.
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