Application for Discovery Session
Hello lovely,

A Discovery Session with me is a 45 minute call (via Zoom online video meeting) in which you are supported to:

-Make contact with your soma (your body)
-Tune in to what you're yearning for
-Craft inspired body-lead action to take after the session
-Discover how a coaching-program with me will support you going forward

Discovery sessions are without charge and for people who are considering engaging in a coaching program with me.

Please fill in this form with as much flow as possible. Take a breath of kindness into your body, feel yourself supported by the Earth and let whatever flows out, flow out. You can only get this right.

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Why are you drawn to work with me in the Somatic Coaching modality? *
Take a breath into your body. What's alive for you at this moment? Sensation, numbness, texture, temperature or anything else? *
What are you yearning to evolve in your life, at this time? This could be anything from your wellness, to career, relationships or anything else. *
What would you do if you knew you could not fail? *
Thank you, dear one, for filling out this form, I look forward to reading your words.
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