Return to Learn Parent/Guardian Survey
We need your feedback and input as our G-A administrators and staff develop our plan for returning to learn this upcoming school year. We appreciate your time in completing this survey.
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What grade will your child/children be in this 2020-2021 school year? Pick ALL that apply: *
The MI Roadmap for reopening schools safely has recently been released. As a public school district, we are required to use this Roadmap to plan for our reopening with G-A students. We are required to develop three (3) plans which reflect the MI Safe Start Plan. Phases 1-3 will require that all schools are closed to students and all learning must happen virtually. Should MI be in Phase 3 we will be implementing a distance learning program with more accountability, attendance requirements, more real time with teachers, rigor and supports. For phase 4, which we are in right now, schools can reopen with face to face instruction alongside required safety protocols. Phase 5 allows schools to open with minimal requirements. If MI shifts the phases based on the community spread and hospitalizations of Covid-19, G-A must also be ready to move between any of these phases.
Michigan is currently in Phase 4 which does allow us to have face to face instruction. Recognizing that not all families will be comfortable sending their child/children to school face to face, G-A will be offering a virtual academy through a collaborative called the Kalamazoo Virtual and Innovative Consortium. Students will remain Galesburg-Augusta students and can still participate in extra-curricular activities and athletics. More details about the program and enrollment will be published soon. Along with that option for families, we are also looking at two possible options for face to face instruction: 100% of students returning for face to face instruction and social distancing as much as possible, OR a more limited face to face approach that is combined with some online instruction, called a hybrid approach. The guidelines for any face to face instruction in Phase 4 require that all students in 6-12 and staff wear masks in school and on buses; K-5 students must wear masks on buses and in common areas, such as hallways. Students should remain with their cohort or class and minimize mixing student groups to reduce possible exposure. So for example, 50% of students may be in classrooms M/T, and the other 50% Th/F with a deep clean of the buildings on Wednesday. We are considering providing some additional supports for students who may need them on Wednesday. Most students would learn from home on Wednesdays. This is an example of a hybrid approach in Phase 4. All students in all phases will be provided a device to use for any form of online learning.
Based on this information, I lean toward *
What are the type of factors determining your choice of learning? (please select all that apply)
Phase 4 allows face to face instruction and/or a hybrid approach to learning (both online and virtual) with some requirements: students in grades 6-12 must wear masks in classrooms, on buses and in common areas/hallways. K-5 will need to wear masks on buses and in common areas. There will also be significant cleaning and sanitizing throughout the day. If Kalamazoo County stays in Phase 4, which of the following best states your position at this current time:
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We know that for some families, daycare is a concern if schools do not open for 100% face to face instruction. We have a childcare program at our Primary School and would look to expand it if there was interest. A county work group has also identified over 60+ programs that we can refer families to.
If the district implemented a hybrid approach to learning, would you need to locate all-day childcare for your school-aged children during the days your child does not attend school face to face. *
Prior to school closing last March, did your child/children ride one of our G-A school buses to or from school? *
If we are in Phase 4, are you likely to have your child/children ride a G-A school bus this upcoming school year? *
Knowing that all students riding a school bus will be required to wear a mask, are you still likely to use G-A bus transportation? *
How comfortable are you allowing your child/children to participate in athletic and extra curricular activities? The extent to which G-A is allowed to have such activities will be aligned with guidelines from the Roadmap, MHSAA and our local health department. *
Focus groups will be one of our ways to explain the reopening plans and receive feedback from families. Our focus groups will be 30-40 minutes long and will be scheduled for the week of July 27th. If you are willing to participate in a Zoom focus group, please answer the following:
Please choose which return to learn team/s you would like to participate in? We are looking for groups of 10-15 so please choose more than one in case more requests are made than slots are available.
We will need your email address to invite you to a zoom meeting. You do not need to download zoom to participate. Your email is:
Which block/blocks of time best work for you to participate in a focus group?
Again, thank you for your feedback and as a team we will work to make this as best a learning year as possible!
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