17th Annual Session. April 17~19, 2019. The Opening and Closing Ceremony as well as the Dinner Dance will be held at the Splendor Hotel. TAIMUN participants will be eligible and able to attend TAIMUN/ Central Taiwan College Fair after the conference on Saturday, April 20.
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Dear Esteemed School and Model United Nations Directors,
Greetings from the Taiwan Model United Nations (TAIMUN) Conference Coordination Team.

We are pleased to announce registration procedures for the seventeenth Annual Taiwan Model United Nations (TAIMUN) Conference, which will take place April 17 to 19th, 2019. We kindly ask you to confirm your participation in the event. Schools are requested to be at the conference site on the 18th of April. It is recommended that schools from outside of Taichung check into the conference hotel on April 17th. The conference will include a dinner dance on the night of the 18th and closes on Friday the 19th. We can assist schools from out of the country through the school’s travel agent if they are interested in tours before or after the conference.
Please note that this form is due December 14!
The student officer applications were sent out along with this form. Press applications will be available by November.
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Our second mailing will take place in November which will contain the TAIMUN XVII Conference Handbook with committees, delegations, hotels and other relevant information. Student-Officer and Press decisions will be available on the TAIMUN official website, www.taimun.org. We will provide hotel and transportation information following western New Year in January. Please direct questions by email to the TAIMUN Coordination Team at taimun@ast.tc.edu.tw. We will respond to program questions and our School Secretary, Ms. Ching Wang, will respond to logistical questions at secretary@ast.tc.edu.tw.

We look forward to another exciting, educational, and fun conference in April.
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