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Based on popular demand (groups of 15 or more), we occasionally are able to host our live, in-person 1-2 day Habit Design® Training Workshop. If you're interested in bringing a Habit Design Workshop to your organization or local area, please complete this form (and invite your colleagues to as well) and we'll followup with you.

In general, the baseline set of learning objectives for all our workshops include are derived from our Habit Design Training Course (details at, but our workshops are always tailored to each group's needs and goals.

This workshop, conducted personally by Michael Kim (Habit Design CEO & Co-Founder) and/or Dr. Maria Elena Lara (Habit Design Clinical Director & Co-Founder), consistently rates at 95%+ satisfaction, 9.1 average Net Promoter Score (out of 10), and has been called "required training for anyone in corporate wellness, population health, or behavior change" by The American Journal of Health Promotion.

A sampling of clients that have hosted Habit Design® Training Workshops are Stanford, The World Bank, The American Journal of Health Promotion, Association of Behavior Analysis International, IDEO, Health Enhancement & Research Organization (HERO), O.C. Tanner, Hulu, and many others!

Feel free to also contact us at or call 1-650-485-3648 for a more rapid response.

We hope to see you soon!
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