Specifications for a new sensor
We are trying to determine the specs for the non-contact IR temperature sensor of tomorrow.
It would help us tremendously if you could fill out this short survey. It will only take two minutes of your time.
Thank you in advance.

Exergen Global team

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1. What level of accuracy do you need to monitor and control your application? *
Output Signal
2. Please select desired output signal for your application to support plug and play *
Field of view / measurement angle
3. Please select how focused the optics of the sensor should be. The angle refers to the full measurement angle of the sensor optics *
Temperature Range
4. What is the critical temperature range in your application? – note: in this instance the critical range refers to the smallest range that is most important to monitor and control *
5. What is the required response time of the sensor to effectively monitor your application? *
Ambient Temperature
6. What is the ambient temperature of the sensor? i.e. the temperature of the environment where the sensor is located *
7. What is the smallest change in temperature the sensor should be able to detect? *
8. What is the maximum error that is allowed between 2 successive measurements? *
9. What is the maximum size of a sensor that will fit your application? *
Minimum spotsize
10. What is the smallest spot the sensor should be able to measure? *
2-way Communication / Intelligence
11. Do you require the ability to change sensor settings during operation? *
12. Do you require sensor functioning to be monitored and remotely read out during operation? *
13. What is the maximum error that is allowed between 2 sensors of the same model and calibration? *
14. Is airpurge required to clean the detector in case of a dusty environment? *
Powered / Unpowered
15. What power supply do you require? *
Resistant to (medical) cleaning agents
16. Some medical applications require the sensor to be able to withstand agents for cleaning/sterilizing. Do you need this? *
Emissivity Adjustable
17. Do you require the sensor to have an option to adjust settings to compensate for various emissivities? *
Mounting Options / Thread
18. Do you wish to mount the sensor in your application? *
19. If yes, please specify
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20. Should the sensor have the capability to be read out wirelessly? Or is a cable to a readout station required *
21. How much are you willing to pay for a sensor that meets all your requirements? *
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