MPT Library Orientation Exercise
Follow these steps to complete your library orientation:
1. Make your way over to the library
2. Review the tasks on this sheet, share what you know about the resources needed to answer the questions
3. Select the findings you feel best answer the question
4. Submit the answers in the Library Orientation form found on the CoRS Toolkit
6. Two individuals judged to have the strongest information will receive $10 gift certificates to Starbucks or the UM Bookstore
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First and last name separated by comas (last, first...)
Find 2 articles in PubMed on inter-professional education as it relates to physical therapy, tell me how you did the search.
Provide the keyword, subject headings (if used), and the strategy (did you use any Boolean operators or nesting - don't worry if you did not)
Provide the PMID numbers for the 2 articles selected
Find 2 books in the Neil John Maclean Health Science Library on therapeutic exercise as it relates to physical therapy. They cannot be online books because I want you to give me the call numbers for the books.
[Provide title and call number]
When working in a group you need to meet to discuss and work on issues. For this exercise you need to understand how to book a room such as the study rooms in the library. You need to find out how long you can book a room for. You might also have a favourite room, find the room number and name of the room you like best, give me a reason why you like this room the best (be creative but succinct)
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