Rustafied Yearly Poll - 2018
It's that time again - welcome to our end of year poll for 2018! It's been one incredible journey so far and we'd like to know how you felt about it! Most fields aren't mandatory, answer as much or as little as you feel like doing. We only aim to improve our Rust services going into 2019 and beyond!

Not all the survy pages are asked, some display depending on the answers you provide; it should only take ~5-10 minutes to complete :) Some questions have shuffled responses to help reduce selection bias.

There's also a special gift for you at the end as our way of saying thanks for taking the time to complete this survey! ADDITIONALLY, 5 random email addresses that fully complete this poll will be contacted for a free month of VIP on a Rustafied server of their choosing, subject to the usual rules.

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