NORCAL Furs 2024 Pride parade contingent RSVP

The Northern California Furries are a diverse group of individuals brought together by a common love of Anthropomorphic art and Entertainment. Having marched in the San Francisco parade over a number of years, we certainly have been noticed with awards for being outrageous and fabulous. We are going to return again this year more fabulous than ever.

The parade will be Sunday, June 30th 2024Assembly is typically around 10am (subject to updates.) Announced step-off time may have extra wait or none at all. Always arrive as early as possible, because there's no guarantee besides the announced time and the parade will not wait for latecomers. 

Interested in volunteering as a contingent monitor or to help with other needed tasks?  

Contingent and wheel monitors make this happen! We usually have only barely enough volunteers and have to appeal for help. If you can lend a paw, many paws make lighter work. Note: Contingent monitors (and especially wheel monitors) will need good vision so usually it cannot be done while fursuiting. Our group size is also limited by how many volunteers step up. If we're short, there is a risk of turning people away (which hasn't happened in previous years thanks to all those helping) Can you volunteer?

Please see our GiveButter page as well if you feel like helping our fundraising.

Donation is not required to attend, but it helps cover costs and ensures volunteers can keep this going for the future.

And lastly but also of much Importance:

Relay Raccoon is again hosting dinner for those 21+ after the parade this year being able to secure a party hall in downtown SF large enough to provide both convenient changing space before and much fun after. We will need more volunteers to make that happen. So pay attention to the fields asking if you can attend and help out with that too. We all look forward to seeing you there for another outrageously fabulous year.

Risk Awareness. *
Being in a big city has rewards and sometimes risk, although San Francisco is not an incredibly dangerous place, we are in challenging times that require us to keep situational awareness. Years past have gone well, and this is a high visibility public event with a lot of security, but we can't predict factors outside our control. The parade route is is a somewhat strenuous nearly 2 mile walk. It does require everyone involved to be in well enough physical condition. We reserve the option to turn away anyone who appears to show symptoms of being physically unwell. So know and be aware of your limits.
Are you planning to fursuit in the parade? *
Please tell us if you plan to Fursuit (Fursuiting not required) in the parade. Due to storage space, only bring soft, squishable, carry bags to the float if necessary, absolutely no hard bins allowed at assembly. Changing space is possible this year for those 21+ at our afterparty location. for those under 21 we are working on options but cannot at this time say there will be a space. Another good option is to just park in one of the garages and change into fursuit there.
Do you plan to dress (or not dress at all) in a way inappropriate for TV broadcast standards? *
We ask because we like to be seen by supporters and family at home.   This will not prohibit you from attending, but we need to know to be able to locate you away from the TV cameras as we pass them.
Do you have any severe mobility requirements?

The parade walking route is about 1 1/2 miles. It's a long walk but we have fans and water.  Space on the float is limited and we will be trying to accommodate passengers based on their needs. Please state your requirements if any.

Interested in volunteering as a contingent monitor?  
Contingent and wheel monitors make this happen! We usually get enough volunteers, but if you want to lend a paw if needed it's appreciated. Note: Contingent monitors (and especially wheel monitors) will need good vision so usually it cannot be done while fursuiting. Can you volunteer?
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Do you plan to attend the post parade gathering/dinner for those 21+? (There will be a separate sign up to get a final head count so pay attention to the telegram announcements) 
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Are you 21+ and interisted in being a handler, Door monitor, or assistant at the Pre parade assembly and/or Post event gathering? 
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