Back on the Block Minority Business Accelerator Application
Our minority business accelerator is designed to accelerate the development of minority and women-owned businesses.  Our program helps minority businesses get access to tools, resources, networking, and capital to grow.

To be considered your small business needs to be generating at least $35,000 in annual revenue or have traction with a product or service in the market.

Tuition for this program $7500.00+

It is FREE to you.

What we require is a FULL agreement of your time and commitment to FULLY participate and be present.

​The accelerator is a one year commitment. The start date will be ***May 24th***. The first 14 - 18 weeks you will need to commit to meeting one night a week for 2 -3 hours As well as put in 10 -15 hours a week working on your business model development.

 ***The application deadline is Friday, April 30th at 5pm ***​
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