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ATTENTION: Submission for VietChallenge 2018 is closed. Thank you for your interest. Application for VietChallenge 2019 will be open in late 2019. Please follow our website and social media for any future announcement.


VietChallenge is the first global entrepreneurship competition for Vietnamese. VietChallenge's mission is to empower Vietnamese entrepreneurs to realize their ideas and take these ideas to the next stage of development. We want to help create startups from the ground up, giving them the opportunities to break through the international market and become the leading forces of Vietnam’s economy. We are looking for ideas that will address Vietnamese market needs and tackle the international community’s challenges in an increasingly globalized economy.

Established in 2015, VietChallenge continues to give Vietnamese entrepreneurs from all over the world the opportunity to put their ideas to test with exposure to both the U.S and the international markets. Continuing our success of the past seasons, VietChallenge 2018 will not only deliver our mission but also commit to help bring the potential product or service idea of aspiring Vietnamese entrepreneurs to life.

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