2022 Thanksgiving Turkey Order Request
Cost: $9/lb .... $40 deposit to reserve your bird.
Process date: November 19, 2022
On-farm pickup date: Sunday, November 20 from 3-7pm

We have raised Bourbon Reds here at Red House Farm since 2018. Last year we added a small flock of Narragansets. Both are a slower growing heritage breed, but Narragansets grow to be a little larger than Bourbon Reds. We also have a few birds that are half Bourbon Red and Half Naragansets, which we jokingly refer to as Drunken Rhode Islanders.

Please understand that I did not want to raise prices but my feed costs have gone up significantly (by about 30% for turkey feed and I have to keep my flocks of breeders year round) and I have no choice. I truly appreciate your support. My goal is to keep these turkeys in existence and you help make that possible.

What is a Heritage Turkey? Heritage Turkeys are closer in likeness to the wild turkey and are the ancestors of the common Broad-breasted industrial breed of turkey. Heritage Turkeys, like the wild turkey, can live for many years, breed naturally, are winter hardy, great foragers, and taste delicious.

It takes longer for Heritage Turkeys to reach maturity; usually about 6 months to reach their market weight, at which point our hens will weigh 6 - 11 lbs and our toms will weigh 10 - 19 lbs.

The turkeys currently out on pasture were born here on the farm. They have all been bred, hatched and raised here! We process the birds ourselves here which means from start to finish, they are a zero mile meal.

We raise our heritage turkeys in a natural environment where they are encouraged to behave as they would in the wild. They are supplemented with a certified natural, no animal by-product GMO/herbicide/pesticide-free grain, but their main diet consists of foraged items, bugs, grass, seeds, and nuts. We process the birds the Saturday before Thanksgiving so that you are ensured a fresh, never been frozen turkey for your holiday table.

Why we LOVE our Heritage Turkeys
o Heritage Turkeys mate naturally, are able to fly, and enjoy extended life spans.
o Pasture-Raised and GMO-Free: Raising our birds on pasture, browse and organic grain creates a nourishing, local meat that is FREE of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and genetically modified grains.
o Taste: Their robust flavor is sure to get rave reviews; meat from these birds is healthier, darker, more flavorful, and has a wonderful texture.

So why support a local, heritage turkey farm? We understand that it is expensive and that  you can get turkeys for free from the grocery store on points! But we are not trying to compete with them. We are offering a better bird that is a sustainable holiday option. Heritage birds taste better. They’re better for the environment, better for you, and they enable the turkey breeds to live on, just as they’ve done since the 1800s. But if enough people don’t buy them, they’ll cease to exist.

To reserve a turkey, we require a deposit of $30 per turkey. The deposit will be applied to your final balance. As a small farm, we have a limited number of birds in our flock. We will do our best to match your size request with our supply but you are not guaranteed the size you requested.

If, for any reason, we are unable to fill your order at all, we will refund your deposit. However, we will not refund your order for not being able to match the exact size turkey you wanted. We do not provide a refund if you cancel your order. If you do not show up to pick up your turkey, it will be donated to the local food bank.

Please feel free  call Kate at 240-285-8745 with any questions.
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