International Network for COVID-19 and Physical Activity Research (INCOPAR)
We have created this online repository of studies focused on COVID-19, physical activity, health, and well-being. We encourage investigators across the world to register their information in order to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration.
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Participation Form
If you agree to register your study in this online repository, you will be required to provide details including your name and email address, your institution of affiliation, country of residence, and a summary of aims and methods of your study. The approximate time required to complete the form is about ten minutes.
Accessing the INCOPAR Online Repository
This online repository records information on studies focused on COVID-19, physical activity, health and well-being. Our goal is to enable physical activity investigators around the world to share and coordinate their study methods, measures, and analyses, so that results across countries and research sites will be as comparable as possible. A secondary goal is to facilitate new collaborations. Information regarding all studies registered via this form is available here:
Your rights to withdraw from the repository at any time
Participation in this repository is entirely voluntary and is not blinded (i.e., anyone with access to this link will be able to see your responses and contact you should they be interested in learning more about your study). Please be aware that even if you decide to complete this form, it is possible to stop filling it in at any time, and until the final registration has been made, none of your data will be processed. You have the right to access and rectify any information, which you can exercise by contacting either Dr. Deepti Adlakha (, Dr. Deborah Salvo (, or Dr. Adewale Oyeyemi (
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