VanBrewers 2021-2022 Board of Directors Nomination
The Board of Directors (The Board) of the Vancouver Home Brewers Association (VanBrewers) consists of the following positions:

President (1) – Leader of the club and primary external face. Helps to know a few people in both homebrewing and commercial brewery circles.
Treasurer (1) –  Requires some accounting experience. Have to keep track of club’s  financials, including expenses, income from club events/merchandise.
Secretary (1) – takes meeting minutes, maintains our records, does annual society filings and ad hoc society business.
Directors-at-large (2 to 4):
 - Attend monthly executive meetings and monthly club meetings.
 - General responsibilities may include membership management, planning club meetings, maintain social media presence, website management, coordination of local homebrew competitions and judging, coordination of national competition shipments.
 - Coordinate/collaborate on at least one major project or club function per year (e.g., education events, advent calendar, juice buy, collaborative brew days, awards sponsorship).

The duties of the directors-at-large are determined by The Board, but typically involve: coordinating speakers for monthly meetings; dealing with membership issues; coordinating the VanBrewers Awards competition; and handling ship-outs of members submissions to other homebrew competitions.

In order to nominate a person to stand for a position on The Board, complete the form below. You may nominate yourself, or another person. The nominee will be contacted to confirm their acceptance of the nomination.

Both the nominator and the nominee must be members-in-good-standing at the time of the VanBrewer's Annual General Meeting (Thursday, January 28, 2021).

Full job descriptions for the members of The Board can be found here.

If you have any questions, please email
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