Crossroads Volunteer Application 2020
Crossroads is a ministry of Rockpoint Community Church, and seeks to bring the love of Christ to each camper daily through small groups, worship, games, crafts and more.

Please note: Crossroads exists to be a summer-long, local mission trip. We take our jobs as the hands and feet of Christ EXTREMELY seriously, and are interested in having volunteers that demonstrate true faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

By completing this application, you are acknowledging that you are prepared to meet the demands of a Christ-centered, high energy camp and demonstrate the love of Christ, living as an example for campers.

*Please keep in mind that we can only have 2-3 volunteers per week, and we try to allow as many volunteers the opportunity to serve as possible. Most volunteers will only be scheduled for one week during the summer in order to accommodate everyone.
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Review your answers.
Take some time to look over this application. Make sure you filled everything out to the best of your ability. Check spelling and grammar. Be sure that you can be proud to put your name on this.
This is a ministry of Rockpoint Church. Volunteers at Crossroads is expected to represent Rockpoint with respect and grace. Do you agree to represent Rockpoint in this way? *
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Congratulations, you've completed your application.
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