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Licensing fees may be applied to your quote based on your intended use. Please feel free to contact me to discuss at any time.
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I'd love to hear about you as an author, your book, your characters or your event! The inspiration that has brought you here! Tattoos & Logos: What does it represent? Who is it on? Any neat little details your audience & readers might like to see there? ALL THE THINGS!
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Vintage, Comic, Realistic, semi-realistic, Sketch, water-colour, cell-shaded line-art, minimalistic, iconic, colour themes etc.
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Is there a specific font or style of font you would like used? Its okay if you're not sure of this just yet!
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Perhaps think about your genre, what readership you are marketing towards, are your genres likely to be fluid, so you want something that represents you as an author.
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Do you have any other ideas, thoughts, questions, smiles, hot book boyfriends you'd like to toss in my direction?
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