Essential Worker Childcare Support
Due to the loosening of local and state restrictions, the definition of individuals allowed to work has expanded and we are now able to provide summer childcare to a wider range of campers. We will still be restricting enrollment to those within the CDS community, and we are still using this survey to collect information about families who might qualify under the expanded definition of “people allowed to work,” which is provided below per Additionally, all adult caregivers in a household must still meet the qualifications.

Programs that serve youth can be open to provide services for people allowed to work:
At an essential business
At an outdoor business
Doing minimum basic operations (like security or payroll processing) at a non-essential business
As an essential government employee

It applies whether they’re working on location or from home. This does not apply to those working from home for a non-essential business, or those not doing minimum basic operations essential to the functioning of their business.

To see the expanded definition of this workforce in detail, refer to this link:
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