STandUP for Winds Research Day November 17 2020
STandUp for Winds Research Day will feature presentations from exciting ongoing projects in the two areas; Wind resources and Large wind penetration in the system.

The day will be divided into two parts where the first part of the day will be Wind resources and the second part of the day will be on Large wind penetration in the system. A key note presenter from the industry will initiate both focus areas. The day ends with an open panel discussion for both focus areas. You will also be able to talk directly with the presenters in smaller virtual rooms.

Welcome to register for STandUP for Winds Research Day November 17 2020.
All presentations are digital and in English.
Last day for registration is November 1.

More information will be sent after the last day of registration.


09:30 Welcoming by the director and chairman.
09:45 Keynote, Blockage of wind farms, Nicolai Gayle Nygaard - Ørsted Wind Power.
10:30 Towards Efficient High-fidelity Simulations of Wind Farms, Henrik Asmuth, UU.

10:55 Coffee break.

11:10 Blockage experiments using wind tunnels, Antonio Segalini, KTH.
11:35 Recent Reanalyses: a Tight Race Over the Baltic Sea for low level jet, Christoffer
Hallgren, UU.

12:00 Lunch break

13:30 Keynote, Integration of wind power in power systems - Perspectives from the Swedish
power system, Camille Hamon, RISE.
14:15 Reducing CO2 emissions by curtailing renewables: Examples from optimal power
system operation, Elis Nycander, KTH.

14:40 Coffee break.

15:00 Wind Power Grid Integration Challenges - Voltage and Reactive Power,
Stefan Stankovic, KTH.
15:25 Cleaner, Cheaper, Faster, Smaller - Dynamic transformer rating to improve wind
energy future, Kateryna Morozovska & Zhongtian Li, KTH.

15:50 Coffee break with discussions.
Here you will be able to meet the presenters in smaller break out rooms for coffee

16:20 Panel discussion with Keynotes and presenters.
Main challenges for the industry considering blockage and large penetration of wind
power, Moderator Stefan Ivanell.

16:50-17:00 Closing.

Best regards,
Professor Stefan Ivanell
STandUP for Wind

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