The Rebellion Newspaper Subscription
The Rebellion is a free publication for all Walpole middle school and Walpole High School students. Rebellion students deliver newspapers to middle schools where teachers distribute them to students. For high school students, the staff sends one newspaper to each student's home through the mail.

If you do not already receive The Rebellion and want to regularly receive it, please complete the Google Form below and send a check for your preference below.


CHECK: Please write a check to "WALPOLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS" and send it to the following address: The Rebellion, Walpole High School, 275 Common Street, Walpole, MA 02081. The subscription begins once the business manager receives the check from the subscriber. Please print this screen and include that page with your check.

ONLINE: Using the application called Venmo (which can be downloaded from the App Store), you can send money to this email address: . Do NOT send the payment to @whsdonations or @whsdonation or @whs-donation(s)—due to privacy settings on this account, those payments may not be completed. In the memo line (where you see the text "What's it for?"), please write "Rebellion." The Venmo account is a school account for a number of extracurriculars, so please make sure to identify "Rebellion" in that memo line. Also, please make sure to keep the "donation" part of the email singular; other extracurriculars have had problems with payments because users made donation plural.


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Our first newspaper goes out in the beginning of October. If you are completing this form later in the school year, do you want us to send you newspapers published earlier in the year?
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