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Celebrating young students (below 15 years) on the path of innovation and change!
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Terms and Conditions:
1.Application deadline is 20th November,2017. Early application is recommended so as to ensure clarification or additional information if required/ needed, can be submitted before the deadline.
2. By filling the form and sharing the story, the student is by default nominated for the 'Young Innoventurer Award'.
3. By sharing the story, you give IntelligencePlus the permission to feature the story on social media platforms, etc.
4. We are celebrating execution of ideas in any form (not solely ideas on paper, nor academic or non-academic achievements such as arts, sports etc. )
5. If your idea, innovation or achievement includes other people, please given them their due credit and acknowledgement in the story.
6. If you are submitting the story/article of your student/child, you may write a line or so about your experience with the child. (eg A school principal may write a line about their personal thoughts of the child in school or a parent may write about some personal experience within the story)
7. Based on the details given in the article, the students shall get further shortlisted for the awards.
8. All Articles submitted shall be featured on our blog/ social media (unless found irrelevant or false)
9. We wish to celebrate or inspire 'Young students' in the best possible way, so do give your best write-up here that could be used directly.
10. The jury for the Award has the final decision on the selection.
11. All students shortlisted for the awards shall be further contacted for the award process.
12. The award ceremony shall be held on 27th January,2018 *
13. The article written in a third person format is recommended.
14. In case a GROUP OF STUDENTS have worked on the execution of the idea,the form may be submitted by only one child and the names of others students be written along with their school ,grade and contact details in question number: Group Member's Name. We recommend each student be given their due credit in the article and the photo submitted should be a group photo.
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