Pre/Post Export Finance - Posfin are supporters of UK Export Finance - Buyer Programme
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It is important that anyone considering engaging Posfin Capital to source a Trade Finance facility, understands the value of expert Trade Finance knowledge and our ability to structure ongoing trade flows that will ultimately lead to successful funding in line with a company’s growth aspirations.

• If you already have a bank facility, then excellent, we can arrange additional complimentary facilities with other banks to increase your trade flows.

Project Finance can also fall within the UKEF Buyer Programme.

Imagine what that’s going to do for your business…
You are going to have to take on new staff, you are going to have to grow your business
and it’s going to have to happen overnight.

The difference is we can now guarantee that not only will that buyer give you 15% upfront
to help you with your liquidity problems, but it’s going to give you the remaining 85% guaranteed as soon as that product arrives at the other end, and a bank is financing that, and you are paid in full.

And then it’s without recourse.
You can go on a jolly for 6 months…
You don’t need to worry because you have been paid.
And the recourse is to the Government if the buyer doesn’t pay.

Byron Hill - CEO
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Trade Finance
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