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This is an enquiry form aimed at making it easier for you to organise your own group tour, camping trip or custom accommodation. Please provide us with as much info as possible to ensure we can offer you the best trip at the best price. Your booking will only be confirmed once we have all your needs sorted out and you have made payment. Please complete all fields. Use NA for the fields not applicable to you. We look forward to seeing you soon.
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Geoje Island Camping & Custom Tours
Please e-mail us at funtrips@waegooktravel.com if you have any questions.
Cancellation & Refund Policy
This is an enquiry form. Bookings will be confirmed when we receive your deposit.

Only accommodation and food options should be deposited in advance. Big charter buses if requested (44 people maximum per bus) from your departure point(s) will also be payable in advance.

Optional activities must be paid on the trip. Optional activities include limousine vans or taxis, ferries and all adventure sports.

1. In the case of typhoon warnings we will notify you in advance and arrange your trip for another suitable weekend.

2. All optional activities are not to be included in the initial payment, so if weather, availability or any other reason prevents you from exercising any activity, you will not be charged for it.

Your booking is confirmed when we receive your deposit. Unfortunately there are cost and lots of time involved, so if you have a problem notify us as early as possible.

Cancellation Fees:

A. Cancellations more than 60 days before the event: 20%
B. Cancellations less than 60 but more than 30 days before the event: 30%
C. Cancellations less than 30 but more than 14 days before the event: 40%.
D. Trips cancelled less than 14 but more than 7 days before the event: 50%
E. Trips cancelled less than 7 days before the event: 100% - No refund possible

Submitting your Booking & Payments
The easiest and cheapest way for most people in Korea is to use online banking or to deposit the amount in KRW at their banks or an ATM - Price quoted in KRW.

For credit card, Pay Pal or international payments select the USD ($) amount in the booking form for payment. The mentioned transactions are quoted in US dollars seeing that Pay Pal and Credit Card transactions through the Pay Pal service does not provide for payment in Korean Won. For more info on how the amount is calculated see our explanation in on our Payment Page link below.

Please scroll up and see if there are any fields in red that you might have missed if you don't see a confirmation message after you have clicked the submit button. If you have any problems contact us at waegooktravel@gmail.com please

All the info for payment is on the Payment Page. You will not be redirected to our Payment Page after submitting your booking. You can click on the Waegook Travel Payment Page at the bottom of the Booking Page below the submit button or follow this link to complete payment after booking:

We will send you confirmation after payment to the e-mail address you provided in your booking. Please make the payment in the same name as in the booking form, so that we know which payment is for who. If you have not received confirmation from us within 24 hours after your payment, please e-mail us your receipt or payment info.

This section has to be completed for all guests. Group organizers and people booking for others must please make sure that the info for each guest is correct especially the e-mail address and telephone numbers for communication before and on the trip.
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When would you like to visit?
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How many nights would you like to book for?
More - Please e-mail us.
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Please comment on how many people per room or tent. This will influence the price.
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How will you get to Geoje Island and back. For charter buses we will contact you. For Public bus prices please see the bus price list at: http://www.waegooktravel.com/geoje-camping-custom Feel free to contact us if your departure is not listed.
Departure City / Cities: *
Please note that the amount of departure points and their locations influence the charter bus price).
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Geoje Transport: *
One way from Gohyeon to Gujora or Wyan Beaches. Taxis and vans are per vehicle and buses per person. Don't include in payment.
Options: *
These options are offered at cost price and are not included in the tour price. For more info see: http://www.waegooktravel.com/All%20Prices%202015%20Image.png - Please make sure before selecting your options because we have to reserve your ferries, activities etc in advance. We can't accept cancellations after we booked them. Options are subject to availability and people who booked will get first priority in the case they are sold out. Optional activities are subject to weather conditions. The options below must be paid on the trip - Don't Include in your Payment now).
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Please add Name / E-Mail / Cell No / Options for each other member in the group you are booking for. Important for trip related info.
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Important in case of an emergency. Format 000-0000-0000
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Example: Oedo - 5 People.
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BBQ Packs *
Don't miss out on our big high quality BBQ Packs. Please select how many BBQ ( SA style Braai packs you would like to order). Equipment included (Charcoal and Ice can be purchased at the convenience store or pre-ordered separately):
No Food
For more please e-mail us.
Food: *
Special Dietary Requests if you order BBQ packs - Use the Comment if you need to elaborate.
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Please help us by saying how did you hear about this trip
Let us know If you have any allergies, special requests or anything else we need to know about.
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The prices listed here and on our website are exclusive to Waegook Travel Members. If you are not a member of Waegook Travel, you can easily sign up for free at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/waegooktravel/
Paying for Who: *
If only paying for yourself (Type - "Just Me"). With Group Bookings, Group Leaders pay for all the members of their group (Type - Members). If you want to pay for other people who are not in your group, you can do so (Type - The Names of People you are paying for).
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How will you pay? (Credit Card and Pay Pal paid in USD).
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Disclaimer: By selecting "Yes" you agree to the terms and conditions as on our web site and you indemnify the organizers of this trip against any injury, damages or losses sustained. You agree to join this trip at own risk and that the cancellation policy in the terms apply. We are sorry, but by selecting "No" your booking will be cancelled and you will not be part of this amazing trip.
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