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I am willing to offer my home as a "home base" for a canvassing event. This would mean a place where canvassers are directed to go, pick up materials, use the restroom and pick up bottled water. It is also where new volunteers would be trained before they head out.
Would you be willing to host a home gathering whereby friends can come to meet the candidates and hear them speak?
Do you know any seniors living in a retirement community that might be willing to host a "meet the candidates" 2 hour gathering in their home?
Do you or someone you know, belong to an organization, club, union or group that you would like to introduce us to? Are you able to set up a speaking engagement? Share your thoughts/ideas.
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Do you have any comments, suggestions or ideas how we can reach more voters in Ocean County?
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. We are truly appreciative. We need need everyone onboard to make this campaign a success!
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