Teen SciCafe - November 7
Thank you for signing up for Teen SciCafe- Slick Solutions for Sticky Problems with Tak-Sing Wong

Below are the details of the event. Feel free to bring friends! And if you attended the last Teen SciCafe, don't forget your Frequent Geek Cards!

TSC - Slick Solutions for Sticky Problems with Tak-Sing Wong
Date: Wednesday November 7, 2018
Location: TBD
Time: Doors open 4pm

Slick Solutions for Sticky Problems with Tak-Sing Wong

Mechanical engineer Tak-Sing Wong invented one of today’s most intriguing and potentially useful new materials, a solution inspired by a carnivorous plant to solve “sticky” problems. Called SLIPS, for “slippery liquid–infused porous surface,” it repels any type of liquid, from oil to water to blood, and prevents organisms like bacteria and barnacles from sticking. Learn about the range of possible applications for the new material: to coat medical devices such as catheters to decrease the potential for bacterial contamination or cover the hull of a ship to prevent barnacles from adhering to the surface.

Adults 21 and over should RSVP for our monthly Sci Cafe Program here: http://www.amnh.org/learn-teach/adults/scicafe/

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