2019 Writers Well Youth Fellowship Application
Thank you for choosing to trust us with your work! We look forward to meeting you through your application and will follow-up once we have completed our review process. Writers Well Youth Fellowship pursues healing for justice, nurturing the voices of girls who are Black writers.

We do not condone homophobia, transphobia, or seek to control young adults. We believe that their healthy expression is beneficial to our world. Our goal is to work with Black girls, across the femme and gender spectrum, within South Carolina who are writers! You write? Let's go!

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This is an overnight retreat that will take place on a college campus in Spartanburg, SC from Wednesday, Aug. 1st - Saturday, Aug. 4th. Are you available on those dates? *
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Please attach at least two writing (written or performed) samples in audio, video, .doc, .pdf or .pages format. Be sure your writing samples have your name on each page and your pages are numbered. Writing samples can be from any genre, i.e. poetry, short stories, fiction, essays, nonfiction, plays/films, and TV shows. *
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