Sign Our Open Letter to California Governor Newsom & Superintendent of Public Instruction Thurmond: Stop The Attacks on Liberated Ethnic Studies

Governor Newsom & Superintendent Thurmond:

As Ethnic Studies educators and supporters, we write to express our concern about actions of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the California Department of Education, the Educational Policy Advisor to the Governor, and leaders of the Jewish Legislative Caucus. Although all profess support for Ethnic Studies, their attempts to single out liberatory forms of Ethnic Studies for censure constitute a barrage of hostile and antagonizing attacks on Ethnic Studies teachers, curriculum developers and professional development consultants. In the past few years, we have experienced an increasing number of openly coordinated attacks that not only slander and defame members of our community, but also demean, devalue, and misrepresent our respective disciplines. These unsubstantiated accusations have contributed to hostile work environments for educators teaching Ethnic Studies, harassment in the form of unwarranted PRA (public requests for information), and in some cases the loss of contracts.

Governor Newsom and the CDE have proudly announced their opposition to book bans and rightwing attacks on antiracist education, yet in the same breath, they caution Ethnic Studies educators to mind the “guardrails,” without specifying what those are. What’s the difference between banning LGBTQIA+ books and banning In Lak’ech or content about Palestine? Is Palestine the line where permissible censorship begins? Ultimately, the attacks on liberatory Ethnic Studies further foment and amplify rightwing attacks on Ethnic Studies and Ethnic Studies educators, and on all antiracist education. 

Recent examples of these elevated attacks include:

  • The “Countering Antisemitism” webinar, which misappropriated legitimate concerns about antisemitism to attack Ethnic Studies educators.
  • Brooks Allen’s 8.23.23 warning letter to school leaders, which promotes the guardrail language (AB101/ §51225.3) without merit or need, using it as a threat to school districts not to hire “vendors” who “may not meet the requirements of AB101.”
  • The loyalty oath (Ethnic Studies Certification Affirmation) demanded of trainers attending the CDE’s Ethnic Studies Training for Trainers.
  • Censoring Ethnic Studies content by warning that nothing eliminated from the original Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum draft can be taught. This includes  teaching about Edward Said, Dolores Huerta, US Representative Ilhan Omar, and dozens of other significant leaders.
  • Co-opting the struggle against anti-Asian violence to further your own aims.
  • The substitution of “stopping hate” as the goal of antiracist education, instead of the deep, structural understanding of racism and the struggles against it that are intrinsic to authentic Ethnic Studies.

In a climate of increasing hostility directed at genuine anti-racist work, we wonder why Governor Newsom, Superintendent Thurmond and the CDE continue to align themselves with those who attack legitimate and liberatory Ethnic Studies.The principles and praxis of Ethnic Studies focus on self-determination, anti-racism, a rejection of settler colonialism and a commitment to solidarity—they are not separable or negotiable. 

In short, we demand the following:

  • Stop the attacks on liberatory Ethnic Studies educators.
  • Eliminate the “loyalty oath” [Ethnic Studies Certificate Affirmation]—which is unconstitutional—and the certificate, which doesn’t represent any level of competence in teaching Ethnic Studies.
  • Stop weaponizing the guardrail language [§51225.3] to attack the teaching of liberatory Ethnic Studies.
  • Stop the censorship of teaching Palestine, the concepts of settler colonialism, and Critical Race Theory.
  • Protect and defend Ethnic Studies and Ethnic Studies educators from rightwing attacks.
The Coalition For Liberated Ethnic Studies
& The Undersigned

(Signatures updated daily)

  1. Abolitionist Teaching Network
  2. Africana Studies Department CSU, Northridge
  3. Arab American Cultural Center at UIC
  4. Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
  5. Association of Raza Educators Los Angeles
  6. Arab Resource & Organizing Center (AROC)
  7. Black Educology
  8. Brokada Men’s Healing Circle
  9. California Alliance for Researchers in Education (CARE-ED)
  10. California Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) 
  11. California State University Ethnic Studies Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Caucus
  12. California State University-Stanislaus Ethnic Studies Department
  13. Center for Women Empowerment and Democracy
  14. Chicanx-Latinx Caucus-CSU Council of Ethnic Studies
  15. Community Responsive Education
  16. Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas 
  17. ConXion To Community
  18. Cooline Team of East Palo Alto
  19. CSU Sacramento, Ethnic Studies Department
  20. Department of Africana Studies, San Diego State University
  21. Department of Race and Resistance Studies at SFSU
  22. Dolores Huerta Foundation 
  23. Education Evolving
  24. Educational Excellence and Inclusion Training Opportunities 
  25. Education for Liberation Network
  26. El Griot & Areito Project 
  27. Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities
  28. Ethnic Studies Now! Santa Barbara Coalition
  29. Ethnic Studies Steering Committee of Stockton Unified School District
  30. Filipino American Educators Association of CA (FAEAC)
  31. Filipino Youth Coalition San Jose
  32. Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism
  33. James Logan High School Ethnic Studies Department
  34. Jefferson Federation of Teachers, AFT 1481
  35. Jewish Voice for Peace - Bay Area Chapter
  36. Jewish Voice for Peace - National
  37. Justice 4 Palestinians
  38. La Raza Roundtable de California
  39. Legacy Youth Project
  40. Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium
  41. Kasaysayan Pilipinx Learning Community
  42. MAiZ-Movement of Action Inspiring Service San Jose
  43. Making Us Matter
  44. Native Voice
  45. Nopal Stockton 
  46. Palestinian Feminist Collective 
  47. Pin@y Educational Partnerships (PEP)
  48. Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism
  49. UC Ethnic Studies Faculty Council
  50. Showing Up for Racial Justice Sacramento (SURJ)
  51. Showing Up for Racial Justice/SURJ Santa Barbara
  52. SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) Santa Cruz County
  53. Social Justice Academy of San Leandro High 
  54. Teachers 4 Social Justice
  55. Teach Palestine Project of the Middle East Children's Alliance
  56. Teaching for Change
  57. TEYA (Teachers Empowering Youth Activists)
  58. The Porter Lee Troutman, Jr. Center for Multicultural Education
  59. VietRISE
  60. Washington Ethnic Studies Now 
  61. Xican@ Pop-Up Book Movement
  62. Xicanx Institute for Teaching & Organizing

  1. A Cornelius
  2. Abigail Rombalski, University of Minnesota 
  3. Adam Weiss
  4. Adanari Zarate, Educational Excellence and Inclusion Training Opportunities 
  5. Adisa A. Alkebulan, Ph.D., Department of Africana Studies, SDSU
  6. Adriana Navarrete 
  7. Adrielle Joy Barrera
  8. Agustín González
  9. Ahuitz Romo
  10. Aidan Harp, Social Justice Academy
  11. Aileen Medina
  12. Airielle SIlva
  13. Aisa Villarosa
  14. Aja LaDuke, Sonoma State University
  15. Alaina Damaso
  16. Alberto Rodriguez, Jefferson Highschool 
  17. Aldrich Limpin Sabac
  18. alejandra villegas
  19. Alejandra Watanabe Farro
  20. Alethea Paradis
  21. Alexa Cabrales. UCSC
  22. Alexandria Daria
  23. Alfred Mendoza, Association of Raza Educators Los Ángeles  
  24. Ali Alowonle 
  25. Alice Aran
  26. Allison Cisneros 
  27. Alison Parakh
  28. Alison Zelaya, Social Justice Academy of San Leandro High School
  29. Alvin A Rosales
  30. Alyssa Owyang
  31. Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales
  32. Alyse Olivas
  33. Amal Ali
  34. Amando Argueta
  35. Amanda Davison
  36. Amanda Diaz 
  37. Amanda Lashaw
  38. Amanda Martinez Morrison
  39. Amy Esau
  40. Amy Mayorga Zelaya, Social Justice Academy
  41. Andrea Aguilar 
  42. Andrea Malagón
  43. Analleli Gallardo
  44. Andrea Guerra
  45. Andrew Hambre
  46. Angélica Reyes 
  47. Anita Chikkatur, Carleton College
  48. Anita Fernández, Xicanx Institute for Teaching & Organizing
  49. Anjelia (Raz) Slayday Criley
  50. Anna Pilhoefer
  51. Anna McCowan
  52. Anne Egan-Robertson
  53. Anne Stewart
  54. Annelle Garcia
  55. Annie Sayo
  56. Anoushka Takla
  57. Anthony Alvarez 
  58. Anthony Cardott, East Side Teachers Assn
  59. Ariana Munoz
  60. Arisbeth Orozco, Social Justice Academy of San Leandro
  61. Aristel de la Cruz
  62. Arlene Daus-Magbual
  63. Arlene Inouye
  64. Armando A. Garcia, San Bernardino Valley College
  65. Arnie Warshaw
  66. Arlo Fosburg, UC Santa Cruz
  67. Artnelson Concordia, Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium (LESMCC)
  68. Asher Jacobo, Social Justice Academy
  69. Ashley Martinez
  70. Ashley Perez, Student Recruitment and Retention Center
  71. Ashley Samano
  72. Asra Ziauddin
  73. Audrey Wittig, Jefferson Union High School District
  74. Avery Raimondo, Centro CSO
  75. Aviya McGuire
  76. Beenash Jafri, Assistant Professor of Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies, UC Davis 
  77. Benerva Suarez
  78. Belen Carrasco, Kern County Educators for Ethnic Studies
  79. Benjamin Vazquez
  80. Betania Santos, UCSC 
  81. Betina Hsieh
  82. Bettina Aptheker, Feminist Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
  83. Brandon Chin
  84. Brian Charest
  85. Brian Ford, Coalition for Liberated Ethnic Studies; Black Lives Matter At School
  86. Brian Lozenski, Macalester College
  87. Briana Ronan, Cal Poly School of Education 
  88. Boyeong Kim, University of California, Santa Cruz
  89. Bryan Parras, Librotraficante HighTechAztec, The Librotraficantes
  90. Bryant Odega, Ed.M. Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  91. cady sitkin 
  92. Carah Reed 
  93. Carla Shalaby, University of Michigan
  94. Caren Zimmerman, SELC
  95. Carlie Floyd
  96. Carlos Estrada
  97. Carlos Hagedorn, Legacy Youth Project
  98. Carlos Velazquez
  99. Caro Pemberton 
  100. carole korp
  101. Caroline Chiramberro
  102. Caroline Spurgin, Sonoma State University
  103. CaseyAnn Carbonell
  104. Catherine Auleb-Kiang
  105. Catherine Brunner 
  106. Catherine-Noelle Cu Rivera
  107. Cati de los Rios 
  108. Catie Tombs
  109. Cecilia Pascuzzo, LAUSD parent 
  110. Celeste Quintero
  111. Cesar Rodriguez, California Faculty Association
  112. Chaleya Condalor, Social Justice Academy
  113. Chela Delgado
  114. Chelsea Lancaster
  115. Chelsea Steel 
  116. Chelsi Sandoval 
  117. Cherie Moore
  118. Chrissy Hernandez 
  119. Christina Acosta 
  120. Christina Alaniz 
  121. Christina Lange, Showing Up for Racial Justice/SURJ Santa Barbara
  122. Christina Villarreal, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
  123. Christine Clark, The Porter Lee Troutman, Jr. Center for Multicultural Education
  124. Christine Hong
  125. Christine Sleeter, California State University Monterey Bay
  126. Christopher Dokko-Real
  127. Christopher Korp 
  128. christy serpas
  129. Chuck Flacks
  130. Cindia Diaz
  131. Courtney Poole
  132. Corina Benavides Lopez, Chicana & Chicano Studies, CSU Dominguez Hills
  133. Cruz Becerra
  134. Cueponcaxochitl Moreno Sandoval, Ethnic Studies at Stanislaus State
  135. Cynthia Artiga-Faupusa
  136. Cynthia Franklin
  137. Cynthia Lewis
  138. Cyntia Aviña
  139. Czamantha Bumanglag
  140. Daisy Cabus 
  141. Daisy Carrillo Cardenas, Social Justice Academy
  142. Dale Maglalang
  143. Dan Johnston 
  144. Dana Ahern
  145. Daniel Alonzo
  146. Daniel Arzaga
  147. Daniel Cortez, Social Justice Academy
  148. Daniel Fuentes
  149. Daniel Ruvalcaba, Social Justice Academy Of San Leandro High School 
  150. Danyika Leonard, Education Evolving
  151. Dara Del Rosario
  152. Darcie Green
  153. Darlene Lee, UCLA Teacher Education Program
  154. David Stovall, University of Illinois at Chicago, Dept of Black Studies and Dept of Criminology, Law and Justice 
  155. Debbie Lee
  156. Denisha Jones, Ph.D., J.D. 
  157. Derek Bradley, Sacramento State University 
  158. Destini Stoner, San Leandro Social Justice Academy
  159. Devanshi Unadkat, University of San Francisco
  160. Deyadira Arellano
  161. Diana Sánchez
  162. Diana Verhalen
  163. Diana Villalobos
  164. Dolores Delgado Bernal, Professor, Loyola Marymount University
  165. Donald Donaire, Stockton Unified School District Board Trustee, Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities
  166. Donald Quick
  167. Donjuan Hurts
  168. Donna Wallach, Justice 4 Palestinians
  169. Dr. Charlotte Gullap-Moore, DNP
  170. Dr. Fela Anikulapo Kofi Uhuru, Ph.D. 
  171. Dr. James Henry, Africana Studies Department CSU, Northridge
  172. Dr. Johnny C. Ramirez, SJSU Chicana and Chicano Studies 
  173. Dr. Karie Mize
  174. Dr. Maria Del Carmen Unda
  175. Dr. Mario Alberto Viveros Espinoza-Kulick, Cuesta College
  176. Dr. Melissa Leal, Sierra College
  177. Dr. Norell Martínez
  178. Dylan Rodríguez, Professor, University of California 
  179. Ed Curammeng
  180. Edmundo Aguilar
  181. Edna Alvarado 
  182. Edward Rivero
  183. Eeralda Xochitl Flores
  184. Eileen Brokaw
  185. Elaine Nguyen
  186. Eleanore Fernandez
  187. Eli Toribio Joya
  188. Eli Villanueva 
  189. Elias Serna, PhD, Xican@ Pop-Up Book Movement
  190. Elise Dibble
  191. Eliza Beam
  192. Eliza Epstein 
  193. Eloisa Fernandez
  194. Elsa Roberts
  195. Elsie Mills
  196. Em Padilla 
  197. Emmaia Gelman, Sarah Lawrence College, Institute for the Critical Study of Zionism
  198. Erchien Chang
  199. Erica Viray Santos, Social Justice Academy of San Leandro High 
  200. Erik Christianson
  201. Eunice Ho, Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium
  202. Esther da Costa Azevedo Meyer
  203. Eva Patino
  204. Eva Ruiz 
  205. Fabian Pacheco, Los Angeles Unified School District
  206. Fabián Pavón 
  207. Faithy Leong
  208. Falu Bakrania
  209. Farima Pour-Khorshid, Teachers 4 Social Justice
  210. Fatima Guadalupe
  211. Fatima Jinnah, MS, Foothill College
  212. Faye Pacho Brown
  213. feras hilal
  214. Flora Lu
  215. Foluke Beveridge, University of Illinois
  216. Francine Diksa
  217. Francisca Chavez
  218. Francisco N. Tamayo, CSUN
  219. Gabriela Esquivez
  220. Gabriela Estrada
  221. Gabriela Moraga
  222. Gabrielle Kubi
  223. Gary Lorentzen 
  224. Genesis Tenorio Rodriguez, Sos
  225. Getzamay Ramirez, Social Justice Academy
  226. Ghaliah Fakhoury
  227. Giavanna Deperio, James Logan Highschool Ethnic Studies and Social Justice Academy 
  228. Giselle Cunanan, Sacramento State University
  229. Goshu Tefera
  230. Grace Gámez , PhD, Boston University Center for Antiracist Research 
  231. Graham Cruickshank 
  232. Guadalupe Cardona
  233. Gustavo Gonzalez, Stockton Ethnic Studies
  234. Hahkyung Darline Kim, University of California Santa Cruz
  235. Hanadi Shatara
  236. Hannah Rhea Divino
  237. Harpreet Sangha
  238. Hassy Flores, Social Justice Academy
  239. Heather Horsley
  240. Heather Schlaman
  241. Heike Mansel
  242. Heike Schotten
  243. Henry Maxfield
  244. Hong Nguyen
  245. Howard Winant, UC Santa Barbara
  246. Hye Sun Kim
  247. Ian Barnard, Chapman University 
  248. Ian Slattery
  249. Ife Orakwe, Social Justice Academy
  250. Indira López Salcido 
  251. Irene Lara
  252. Irvin B.P.
  253. Isabel Lopez 
  254. Isabella D’Agnenica
  255. Isabella David, Pin@y Educational Partnerships
  256. Isidro D Ortiz
  257. Ivan Viray Santos (Department Chair), James Logan High School Ethnic Studies Department
  258. Ivette Peralta
  259. J. Abigail Saavedra
  260. Jacqueline Mac
  261. Jack O'Mahoney
  262. Jackie Gamboa, Ethnic/Chicanx studies, San Jose 
  263. Jackie Viernes Rogers
  264. Jaelah Harmon, Social Justice Academy of San Leandro High
  265. Jaimie Garcia, Social Justice Academy
  266. jalyn su, Social Justice Academy San Leandro High School 
  267. James Givens
  268. Jane Lehr
  269. Janet Stickmon
  270. Jason Ferreira, Race and Resistance Studies, College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
  271. Jazlyn Magat
  272. Jean Ballantyne
  273. Jeff Jorge
  274. Jeff Newby, Professor of History, Bakersfield College
  275. Jeff Share, University of California, Los Angeles
  276. Jen Stacy
  277. Jenna Cushing-Leubner, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  278. Jenna Hewitt King, San Leandro High School 
  279. Jennifer Figueroa
  280. Jennifer Kelly, Associate Professor, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and Feminist Studies, University of California Santa Cruz
  281. Jennifer Mogannam, Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, UC Santa Cruz 
  282. Jenny Kim 
  283. Jerel Baldomero
  284. Jess Fournier, UC Santa Cruz
  285. Jessenia Hernandez 
  286. Jessica De León Topete
  287. Jessica Diaz
  288. Jessica Ramirez
  289. Jessica Wadle 
  290. Jessie Poggi
  291. Jessie Olivier
  292. Jillian Ellis
  293. Joal Truong-Vargas
  294. Joaquin Cadena
  295. Joan Ariel 
  296. Jocyl Sacramento
  297. Jody Sokolower, Teach Palestine Project of the Middle East Children's Alliance
  298. Joe Navarro, Educator, Creative Writer/Author 
  299. Joemy Ito-Gates
  300. Johnavalos Rios, Chicana/o Pop-up Books
  301. John Pak
  302. Jon Ray Guevarra, Teacher - Abraham Lincoln High School, San Francisco Unified School District
  303. Jonathon Krupp
  304. Jonathan Ross
  305. Jorge Ovando
  306. Jose Alamillo 
  307. Jose Amaro
  308. José M. Aguilar-Hernández
  309. Jose Paolo Magcalas 
  310. José Villalobos
  311. Josephine Pham
  312. Joselyn Salgado Lomeli
  313. Joshua Bartikoski
  314. Joy Canning
  315. Joy Miramontes
  316. JR Arimboanga, Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities
  317. Juan Gamboa Jr., Ethnic Studies/Chicana and Chicano Studies San Jose
  318. Jude Paul Dizon
  319. Judith Perez, CSU Fullerton
  320. Julie Hollerer
  321. Julisa García
  322. Kabang Lauron
  323. Ka-eul Yoo, University of California, Irvine
  324. Kailee Lewis, Stockton Ethnic Studies Teacher
  325. Kalimah Salahuddin 
  326. Kami Bataclan
  327. Kamora Armstrong, Social Justice Academy 
  328. Kamora Green, Social Justice Academy 
  329. Karen Rice
  330. Kari Aist, Showing Up for Racial Justice Ventura County 
  331. Karin Lease 
  332. Karina Chavarria 
  333. Karla Gómez-Pelayo 
  334. Karlo Guevarra
  335. Kassandra Arias
  336. Kathryn Garibay, Santa Barbara Unified School District
  337. Katherine Lee
  338. Katie Curtis 
  339. Katina Seros
  340. Kerri Ann Borja
  341. Kelsey Maloney
  342. Kevin Kumashiro, CARE-ED
  343. Kevin Murphy, AFT1481
  344. Kevin Tan
  345. Keyshawn Ward 
  346. Khensani Pienaar, Social Justice Academy Of San Leandro High School
  347. Kiana Requena-Robison
  348. Kiaya Moser
  349. Kira Johnson, FSMEI 
  350. Kiki Rivera
  351. Kristen Sy, Social Justice Academy
  352. Kristian Torres, Social Justice Academy
  353. Kristin Vogel-Campbell 
  354. Kyla Leynes
  355. Kym Paszkeicz
  356. Laura Lozano
  357. Laura Valdez 
  358. Laurie Hughes
  359. Lara Kiswani
  360. Lariya Wilson, Social Justice Academy
  361. Leanne Ibarra 🌽 
  362. Leda Ramos, Chicana(o) and Latina(o) Studies, CSULA
  363. Lev Zeiger 
  364. Liane Hernandez 
  365. Liberty Rapada
  366. Lilliana P. Saldaña 
  367. Lilly Cruz 
  368. Linda Tovar 
  369. Liz Gerena
  370. Loubna Qutami 
  371. LoRayne Ortega
  372. Luan Scrivner
  373. Laurie Hughes 
  374. Lucha Arévalo, Ph.D.
  375. Lucia Bañuelos
  376. Luisa Santos
  377. Lupe Bowker 
  378. Lyla Fuentes
  379. Maggie de Guzman
  380. Mackinnon Ross, Jefferson Union High School District
  381. Marco Rojas
  382. Marguerite Machen
  383. Maria Elena Urquico, Westmoor High School
  384. Maria Henderson 
  385. Maricela Turner, Social Justice Academy
  386. Marie Agra
  387. Mariel Hernandez 
  388. Marina Segatti
  389. Marisa Villegas-Ramirez, James Logan High School Raza Studies Teacher, Teach The Children The Truth Podcaat
  390. Marisol Duarte 
  391. Marisol Ruiz
  392. Marissa Gonzalez
  393. Margarida Costa
  394. Margarita Berta-Avila
  395. Mark Abad, Pin@y Educational Partnerships
  396. Mark Gomez
  397. Marylin Zuniga
  398. Mary Roaf, California State University-Stanislaus Ethnic Studies Department
  399. Matthew Hom
  400. Max Sárosi
  401. Maya Caron 
  402. Meera Jaffrey
  403. Melchor Bongato
  404. Melina Melgoza, Association of Raza Educators
  405. Melissa Ambrose
  406. Melissa Ann Canlas
  407. Melissa-Ann Nievera-Lozano
  408. Melissa Urbano
  409. Mercedez L. Archuleta, Social Justice Academy 
  410. Miah McClinton 
  411. micha cárdenas, Associate Professor, Critical Race & Ethnic Studies Department and Performance, Play and Design Department, UCSC
  412. Micah Khater
  413. Michael Calderon-Zaks
  414. Michael Rubin
  415. Michael Singh, Department of Chicanx Studies, UC Davis 
  416. Michael Tomczyszyn
  417. Michele Osborne 
  418. Michelle Fortunado-Kewin
  419. Miguel Torres
  420. Miguel Zavala 
  421. Mike Espinoza, Campbell Union High School
  422. Mike Rodriguez
  423. Mitra Zarinebaf 
  424. mk nguyen
  425. Molly Raynor 
  426. Monica Alcaraz
  427. Monica Casey, AFT 1481
  428. Montse Perez
  429. Morgan Leafe
  430. Mossy Kennedy 
  431. Mouakong Vue 
  432. MUSTAFA milbis 
  433. Mylene Catangui, Social Justice Academy of San Leandro
  434. Nancy Huante-Tzintzun, Nopal Stockton 
  435. Naomi frieDland 
  436. Nabeel Ziauddin
  437. Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Professor Chicana/o Studies University of California at Davis 
  438. Na’Zyia Haynes, Social Justice Academy of San Leandro High 
  439. Naya Chadwick
  440. Ndindi Kitonga
  441. Nhi Truong
  442. Nicollette Magsambol-Morales 
  443. Nick Henning, CSU Fullerton
  444. Niku Bolourchi 
  445. Nivia Alvarado
  446. Noah Marsh 
  447. Noor Aljawad
  448. Nora Lester Murad
  449. Nora Spalholz 
  450. Ofelia Mendez
  451. Ogechi Ibeanusi
  452. Orlando Lara, Ethnic Studies Network of Texas
  453. Oscar Garibay
  454. Pam Butler
  455. Patricio R. Urbi
  456. Patricia Perez
  457. Patrisia Saenz
  458. Paul Michael L. Atienza
  459. Paulina Raygoza 
  460. Pedro Mariano Gonzalez 
  461. Peter McLaren
  462. Peter Rojo
  463. Pietra Diwan
  464. Rabab Abdulhadi, Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas Studies, College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University
  465. R. Jacob Francisco
  466. Rachel Altman
  467. Rachel Reinhard, Teacher, Oakland High School
  468. Rachel Stainer
  469. Rainey Massei
  470. Raquel Espana 
  471. Raquel Frausto
  472. Raquel Núñez
  473. Raquel Sáenz Ortiz 
  474. Raúl Cardona, Association of Raza Educators
  475. Rana A. Sharif 
  476. Rebecca Ellner
  477. Rebecca Rodriguez 
  478. Rebecca Vilkomerson
  479. Reema Asia
  480. Rekia Jibrin
  481. Rev. Dr. David N Moore, God Is Not an A**hole
  482. Richard Ayers, University of San Francisco 
  483. Richard Kahn, Antioch University
  484. Richard Kuhn
  485. Ricky Aguirre
  486. Risa Erskine
  487. Rocío Mendoza 
  488. Robert Collins
  489. Robin Gabriel, University of California Santa Cruz
  490. Romuald Kai Santiago
  491. Rod Daus-Magbual
  492. Ron López, PhD, Sonoma State University
  493. Rosa RiVera Furumoto
  494. Rosalee Gonzalez, Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas 
  495. Rosario Rojas, National Organization of Minory Architects 
  496. Rose Cihuapilli Amador
  497. Rubii Sanchez, Social Justice Academy 
  498. Ruby Rodriguez, Hillsdale High School 
  499. Ruth Reyes
  500. Ruth Sarreal
  501. Sabrina Jimenez 
  502. Salam Ramahi
  503. Sally Rusk
  504. Salma Nasher
  505. Samantha Camargo Ortiz 
  506. Samantha Guzman
  507. Samantha Ng
  508. Sandra Duarte Solis
  509. Sara Bazan, Ethnic Studies Now! Santa Barbara Coalition
  510. Sarah Abdelaziz, Abolitionist Teaching Network
  511. Sarah Brant, Teachers 4 Social Justice
  512. Sarah Jones
  513. Sarah Marie Hawkins 
  514. Sayra alvarez
  515. Sean Arce, Ph.D., Xicanx Institute for Teaching & Organizing
  516. Sean Gonzales 
  517. Sebastian Ferrada
  518. Sehinne Yohannes
  519. Sergio Robledo-Maderazo
  520. shakiyah glover, Social Justice Academy
  521. Sharim Hannegan-Martinez
  522. Shauntay Larkins
  523. Shawn Warner
  524. Sheeva Sabati
  525. Sherwin Mendoza
  526. Simmy Makhijani
  527. Siutaisa Olevao, Social Justice San Leandro High School
  528. Sophia Azeb, Assistant Professor of Critical Race & Ethnic Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz
  529. Sofia Amaya 
  530. Sofia Hernandez, Social Justice Academy of SL 
  531. Soleste Hilberg
  532. Stacey Moultry, California State University, East Bay
  533. Stephanie Cariaga
  534. Steven Osuna
  535. Silvia Gomez de Soriano, Xicano Institute for Education and Self Determination, Madison, WI
  536. Stephanie Oliver, Westmoor High School
  537. Stephanie Schaudel
  538. Suheir Michael
  539. Sunaina Maira, Asian American Studies, UC Davis
  540. Susan Green
  541. Susanna Sykes
  542. Susi Brennan
  543. Sydney Ji
  544. Sydrah Al-saegh
  545. Sylvia Sullivan
  546. Symaia Jacobs, Social Justice Academy San Leandro 
  547. Taijai Owens, Social Justice Academy
  548. Taiji T Miyagawa 
  549. Taison Kilgore
  550. Tania Trejo-Mendez
  551. Tara Alami
  552. Tara McPherson
  553. Taunya Jaco, Ed.D. 
  554. Tavengwa Gwekwerere, PhD
  555. Taylor Vivanco, Social Studies Educator, LAUSD
  556. Teodora Ildefonzo-Olmo
  557. Terrance (T.R.) Amsler
  558. Teresa Roman, Social Justice Academy
  559. Thea Fojas de Borja
  560. Theresa A. Yugar
  561. Theresa Montaño
  562. Theresa White, Cal State University, Northridge
  563. Tomas Salinas
  564. Tomo Hattori
  565. Tony Lopez, Social Justice Academy of San Leandro High 
  566. Tony Press
  567. Torrie Cutbirth
  568. Tracie Noriega
  569. Tracy Buenavista
  570. Tracy Castro-Gill, PhD, Washington Ethnic Studies Now 
  571. Tracy Edwards 
  572. Tricia Gallagher-Geurtsen
  573. Tu’umalo Moliga - Social Justice Academy
  574. Ursula Chan
  575. Vajra Watson
  576. Valentín García, San José City College
  577. Valerie A. Martínez, Ph.D.
  578. Vanessa Alvarado 
  579. Vanessa Saikaly
  580. Vennieta Turner
  581. Veronica Solano Martinez, Social Justice Academy 
  582. Vicky A. Martinez
  583. Victor Bowleg
  584. Victoria Duran
  585. Walter D. Greason
  586. Wayne Jopanda, Brokada Men’s Healing Circle
  587. Wendy Cheng
  588. William David Hart, Macalester College
  589. Xamuel Bañales 
  590. Yahya Sultan
  591. Yaquelin valencia
  592. Yasmin Neri
  593. Yesenia Ramos 
  594. Yitong Lei
  595. Yuki Obayashi
  596. Yulia Gilich
  597. Yvette Flores
  598. Yvette Zee
  599. Zachary Powell 
  600. Zeina Zaatari, Arab American Cultural Center at UIC
  601. Zainab Abdullah
  602. Zariffe Denegri 
  603. Zohair Naqvi
  604. Zohar Kustanovich
  605. Leana Landingin
  606. Marie Hernandez
  607. Cheena Chun Moslen
  608. Meryl-Mae Blomseth 
  609. Marisa Castro
  610. Terrie Guevarra
  611. Dr. LMP Miramontes
  612. Jeaniel Image
  613. Christina Alaniz
  614. Aimee Lopez
  615. Casey Pascual
  616. Trisha Gonzales-WatersKiara Smith
  617. Eghosa Obaizamomwan-Hamilton
  618. Jessica Bailey
  619. Gretchen Schwab, CSUEB Educational Leadership in Social Justice
  620. Korby Saunders
  621. Kristen Sison - teacher SRVUSD
  622. Cyndi Oji-Marchese
  623. Nallely Arteaga
  624. Daniel Olmos, CSU Northridge
  625. Molly Talcott, Cal State LA
  626. Marcelo Garzo Montalvo
  627. Laureen D. Hom
  628. Eduardo Guerena
  629. Anita Jain
  630. Jeremiah Sataraka, California State University Bakersfield Ethnic Studies Department
  631. Carolyn Lane
  632. Yvonne Y. Kwan
  633. Rebecca Castro
  634. Gina Masequesmay, Asian American Studies at CSU Northridge
  635. Kimmy Kee-Rose 
  636. Rikka Venturanza
  637. Kirin Macapugay
  638. Dr. Chelsea Rivera, Jobs with Justice
  639. Christina Luna, The Luna Company LLC
  640. Marial Quezada
  641. Ron Espiritu
  642. Daisy Beamon
  643. Alina Aguilar
  644. Hector Hernandez, Hero Tent, L.U.N.A. 
  645. Stephanie Balon
  646. Eli Davies
  647. H. Minh Pham
  648. Sara Diaz-Montejano
  649. Oriel María Siu
  650. Olga Garcia, College of Ethnic Studies, California State University Los Angeles
  651. Doaa Hesham
  652. Erin Rose Cruz
  653. Ogechi Ibeanusi
  654. Cheena Chun Moslen
  655. Anna Maria Luera
  656. Cielo Aguilera
  657. Rebecca Strout
  658. Angela Magyari 
  659. Isabel Gil-Garcia
  660. Kano Umezaki
  661. Tran Tran
  662. Jacob Janairo
  663. Kimberly Blanks
  664. D’Andria Ornee
  665. Olga Garcia
  666. Atlas C.
  667. Ruby Torres
  668. Amber S.
  669. Zoe Kupetz
  670. Dianne Martinez
  671. Pamela Sexton
  672. Laura Melgoza
  673. Ruby Goodall
  674. Jennifer Jones Martinez 
  675. Aracelia Alvarez
  676. Julia Kirihara Snippen
  677. Tara Sweeney
  678. Imtiaz Ghori
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