Wellspring Edmonton Mission Impact Survey
We value your experiences. Please provide feedback to the following questions.
I am satisfied with my overall experience at Wellspring Edmonton
I would recommend Wellspring Edmonton to others
Wellspring Edmonton is a warm and welcoming
Wellspring Edmonton is a safe and confidential place
Centre Staff are knowledgeable and helpful
Program leaders are knowledgeable and helpful
I am comfortable talking with Wellspring Edmonton centre staff, program leaders and volunteers
I received the support I needed
I am treated with compassion and respect
I feel supported and cared about
Wellspring Edmonton helps me feel less isolated
Programs at Wellspring Edmonton help me to understand how cancer has impacted my life
Column 1
Strongly agree
Slightly Agree
Slightly Disagree
Strongly Disagree
Not Applicable
I have gained skills and knowledge to address my needs
I feel better prepared to manage going forward
I have a better understanding of what to do to maintain or improve my well-being
I have gained skills and knowledge to maintain or improve my well-being
I can express my needs and feelings better
I am more accepting of my situation
I manage stressfull situations better
I am able to cope better
Please offer any additional comments about Wellspring Edmonton that you would like to share
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