Super Investor Questionnaire
Welcome. I work hard to find good deals on rentals, flips, and other potential safe and profitable investments. Please complete the questions below so I know what you are looking for. As a bonus, I will share tips on finding, rehabbing, and renting.

BUY AND HOLD. If you are looking for rentals, I have developed algorithms that use over 1600 data points to help me find the very best cash-flowing single family and multi-family deals.

FLIPS. I have personally done over 30 remodels and have helped others buy over 150 properties since 2011. I know what makes a good rehab deal.

OTHER. I also do private lending, note buying, and automated trading in the financial markets. If you are interested in diversifying into some of these less-traditional high performing investments, please let me know.

I will never sell your info.

Be Super!

Steve Theobald
Influent Investing, LLC
Keyrenter Realty
UT License#8282547-SA00

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SuperRentals: HOW OFTEN do you want my list of the best SFR and Multi Buy & Hold deals? (Some make good flips too.) *
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