Kentucky Whitetail Access - Hunters
application form for Hunters who want to hunt on local land
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If wishing to hunt with a family member or hunting partner or partners list their names and their relationship to you below. All party members will be required to sign the attached waiver. Please separate each hunter with a comma.
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I understand that I will abide by all conditions set by farmer including, but not limited to: Areas open to hunting, Seasons and weapons as dictated by Farmer, Tree stand use and placement, ATV use and designated areas, Number of hunting party members allowed and number allowed at any one time. I agree to make every effort to retrieve all game wounded or killed and to utilize the meat as indicated above. The terms of the Hunting License shall be incorporated into this application by reference if I am selected for the hunt.
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If you do not have a Kentucky State hunting license or deer tag, one MUST be obtained before hunting in Kentucky. Only one application can be submitted per person. Please double check all your information before submitting.
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