Habitat for Humanity Spring Break 2020 Trip Advisor Application
Date: Departing Saturday, April 4 mid-morning and returning Saturday, April 11, 2020. (FYI: Easter is April 12)
Because of employment laws, only administrators and faculty are able to be advisors.
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The Gustavus Adolphus College Chapter of Habitat for Humanity will be taking 5 groups of students (approximately 18-20 people each) to locations across the country (probably southern US) over spring break (April 4-April 11, 2020) to work with local chapters of Habitat for Humanity. We are seeking advisors for these trips and invite you to apply. Your role will be to advise the site coordinator (a Gustie student) and provide support in whatever ways are needed. You will be expected to participate in the actual builds and work, and also in activities the students partake in (including driving, reflection, and meal preparation). For a listing of roles and responsibilities, please go to the Community Engagement Center website (www.gustavus.edu/communityengagement). Applications are due Friday, November 8.
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