ClownerCraft Team Application
Welcome to the ClownerCraft Network's application form! If you're here, it's likely because you're looking to apply for either Trainee or Build Team. However, before you apply, please make sure you meet all of the requirements:

- You must be at least Bronze-Age in Survival or Worker in Creative. This demonstrates to us that you are an experienced player of our network and thoroughly understand how each system works.
- You must have a Discord account and be able to join voice calls (you don't have to speak, but you need to be able to listen). We use Discord to communicate out of game to keep everyone up to date on our latest projects.
- While we don't have a set age requirement, you must be old and mature enough to be comfortable seeing adult topics (as you need to recognize and deal with these if people bring up inappropriate things in chat either in game or on Discord).

For Trainee Applicants: Our Network moderators fulfill a number of roles, from fixing griefs, reviewing rankups as well as moderating the chat. They're here to support and help our players - but it often can make you become the bad guy, and can often result in players arguing with, insulting or in other ways just making your day worse. You should be prepared to deal with a variety of different people and situations if you wish to become a mod.

For Build Team Applicants: This team is responsible for building various things for the server, whether that be minigame arenas, spawns, or just random projects for fun. There are several roles within the team, including General Builders, Interior Decorators, Plugin Developers, Minigame Designers, and Redstone/Command Block Engineers. Please note that being in the Build Team does not stop you from applying to become a mod.

Once you have read all of the above information and have confirmed that you meet all of the requirements, you may proceed with applying to join our team. Best of luck to all applicants!

~The ClownerCraft Team
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