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For questions about the membership process or application please contact Victor Galván, CIRC Membership Director: or 720.434.0343.
CIRC Mission and Vision
CIRC Mission: The Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) is a statewide membership-based coalition of immigrant, faith, labor, youth, community and ally organizations founded in 2002 to build a unified voice to improve the lives of immigrants and refugees in Colorado and the U.S. CIRC achieves this mission through capacity building for member organizations, civic engagement, public education and winning workable and humane public policies.

CIRC Vision: CIRC believes in the inherent dignity and human rights of every person, regardless of immigration status. CIRC envisions a society in which all persons are treated with dignity, respect and have equal access to fair and just work, housing, health care, education and the opportunity to live united with family members.
CIRC Founding Principles and Guidelines
--To be led by organizations working to defend and advance immigrant justice.
--Encourage the participation of all immigrants and their supporters.
--Set aside personal or organizational agendas in order to advance justice for immigrants.
--Advance and defend justice for all immigrants regardless of immigration status.
CIRC Goals
--Advocate for the rights of all immigrants and refugees and their families.
--Empower the immigrant community by supporting the formation of grassroots organizations.
--Promote leadership development within all immigrant communities.
--Increase public awareness about the social/economic contributions of immigrants.
--Educate the general community on the issues and realities of immigration.
--Strengthen collaboration among diverse immigrant organizations and groups that are discriminated against and marginalized in the broader community.
--Expand collaboration and coordination among immigrant organizations and allies.
Membership Description
CIRC membership is open only to organizations. Organizations eligible to apply for membership are defined in the CIRC bylaws as a group or entity that is accountable to a membership of more than two people or a Board of Directors or a governing body.
Benefits for CIRC Member Organizations
--Be a part of the statewide immigrant rights movement building power and creating statewide change.
--Opportunity to network/collaborate with local, state, and national partners to advance justice; build deeper relationships and power across the state and nation.
--Cross-training and sharing of expertise with other member organizations.
--Attendance and voting privileges at CIRC Assembly and Regional Meetings.
--Vote to nominate and elect Board of Directors; qualify to have organization rep nominated to Board of Directors.
--Vote to choose CIRC’s priority campaigns, issues and policy platform.
--Access to serve in decision-making capacity on campaign and issue committees.
--Support of CIRC’s statewide lobbyist during state legislative session to advance coalition goals.
--Staff capacity support for communications, social media, leadership development and general troubleshooting.
--Access to technical assistance and trainings on organizational development, fundraising, communications, leadership development and policy advocacy.
--Access to multi-media tools such as event sound equipment, translation equipment, LCD projector, digital camera/video (dependent on availability and need).
--Promotion and link for organization on CIRC website, in annual legislative report, and in other publications.
--Subscription to member bulletins with current info on latest immigration news, advocacy activities and alerts.
Roles and Responsibilities of CIRC Member Organizations
--Support and promote CIRC’s mission and vision.
--Participate in the annual CIRC Assembly and regional member meetings.
--Participate in the campaign and issue decision-making committees as able or applicable.
--Help nominate and elect the Board of Directors.
--Support and promote CIRC’s campaigns, utilizing their organizations’ strengths, resources and abilities.
--Pay annual dues of $100. (Not eligible to vote on coalition business if annual dues are unpaid.)
--Help sponsor CIRC Assembly and other events as able and applicable.
Criteria and Process for Organizational Membership
In order to become a CIRC Member, organizations must:
--Agree with CIRC's Mission and Goals.
--Agree with CIRC’s founding principles and guidelines.
--Fill out, sign and submit this application form.
--Receive a CIRC representative for interview/site visit and receive vote of approval from CIRC
Board of Directors.
--Dues: $100 for organizations due annually (unable to vote on coalition business if dues are
unpaid.) New members are asked to pay the $100 dues at the time of enrollment if possible.
The application allows for different payment methods for maximum convenience. New
members that cannot pay the $100 dues at the time of enrollment may set up a payment plan
**Note: Members who have not paid the annual membership dues will not be eligible to vote on
coalition business.
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FINAL APPLICATION SIGNATURE: Please type name, organization, and date below and by doing so your organization has read and agrees with CIRC's mission, goals, and principles, understand the membership terms, and hereby applies for membership in the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition. *
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