BFL - Critical Feedback Form
>>> Please read this whole thing before submitting feedback. <<<

Regarding Action Taken By Raising Luminaries & Books For Littles:

If you have critical feedback about the work of BFL and/or RL and don't feel safe bringing it to my attention in person, this is an anonymous form your protection. Providing this form opens me up to a great deal of attack and stress and reading your report will probably wipe out my spoons for a few days. Please use it responsibly and with respect.

BFL Accountability Guidelines: Procedures and what to expect:

This form is ONLY for people who don't feel safe reaching out personally. Unless you feel reporting is putting you in danger, shoot me an email (

Please remember that I am a human with feelings - with very little social support in real life. I LOVE to hear about my mistakes and seek constructive criticism on my actions, but personal attacks and threats are not acceptable. I can't reply and apologize directly, nor can I thank you or explain how I'll move forward to make amends and spread what I've learned from your feedback.

If the tone or content of your feedback suggests you haven't read the BFL accountability statement, I will ignore it.



0. Your submissions will be anonymously sent to Ashia Ray via email.

1. I'll do my best to consider your feedback and make amelioration if possible. My standard operating-procedure is to make a public note about my problematic posts drawing attention to my mistakes and explaining that readers found it problematic, then explaining what I should have done better and/or why I disagree.

2. I give credit to people who provide the emotional labor of educating and criticizing me (First name, last initial) if you prefer, and am happy to point readers toward a paypal account.

3. If the critique is non-productive or just an attack, I hide all personal information and publicly publish a response in the BFL Facebook group or Raising Luminaries Facebook page IF I feel safe to do so. I usually choose not to feed trolls, though.

4. I will never - never EVER put a target on the back of accusers or critics. I will not doxx, I encourage readers to focus on messages instead of the messenger, and I will not publish your personal information.

5. Unless I feel my family is in imminent personal danger, (if actual threats have been made against us, like a threat of violence, sharing my personal information with dangerous people, etc.) I will not call the police or any authorities.

6. I am very likely to respond and address issues sent directly to me via email from non-anonymous sources. I cannot guarantee a response and can't guarantee I'll take action from anonymous critics.

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